Be All You Are - Online Mentoring Sessions
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Be All You Are - Online Mentoring Sessions

Embodying Your Eternal Essence


“There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

I work with amazing individuals, at different stages of their journey, who are committed to connecting to higher dimensional aspects of self, and to living more aligned, more authentic, more magical, and more meaningful lives. I work to spark and sustain breakthroughs in the ascension process and offer insight into why this is really both an ascension and descension process. I help individuals come to terms with their own journeys and embrace their upgraded ideas of its destinations. I assist my clients to create new realities and new ways of being, which are in service to their eternal nature and their true self's objectives. 

You may be going through your awakening and are discovering that there really is no manual. You may already be on your path and need guidance from someone who has walked and is walking an enlightened road. You may consider yourself a light worker or star seed or (insert terminology here) who is being invited to move towards embodying your multi-dimensional divine self, and so bring your gifts and projects into the world from this state.

Perhaps you would benefit from meeting regularly, or occasionally, with a mentor who can help you with the uncertainties and challenges, and the deep work that comes with accepting this invitation to truly be all you are. I offer personal tuition & mentoring sessions to help you through this incredible harmonizing process of awakening to your inner spiritual self, growing your being, integrating new ways of understanding the reality of existence, and embracing your unique ascension process. I may or may not be a good fit for you.


My sessions help individuals to balance the enormity of self-realization with the need to develop the skills and capacities necessary to operate as a new divine human. We will work together to establish and maintain higher expanded consciousness states of awareness. We will discuss your present situation, set meaningful life goals, and find depth and purpose.

coming into union with your divine self


Online Ascension Mentoring

Light Body Reference Materials

Develop Your Self-Expression

New Divine Humanity

The Ascension Process

Living in 5D

Level Up Your Point Of Perception

Overcome Personal Challenges

Journeys To True Self

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People are "popping" all over the place. Many of us, from all walks of life, are experiencing enormous changes and challenges, both internally and externally. There has been a steady increase in intensity, leading these individuals to take their first steps into the unknown, to begin experiencing their own divinity-in-training, and allow this to transform their lives from the inside out. Unique ascension and descension process paths are being presented. We must find ways to disentangle ourselves from lower denser realities. We are being invited to walk a road to living without limitation as 5D consciousness - to answer our own call.


Beyond the fancy terminology, a lot of this is very grounded, and will involve you needing to overcome challenges that have perhaps always been with you. It's time to level up. 



I am dedicated to assisting individuals to embrace living every aspect of themselves, free from old consciousness structures and social scripts. We are here to ascend to higher forms of living, to access and embody higher states of being, doing, and having. We are here to allow the rewrite of our own consciousness, to feel and become our true eternal essence.

To be free. To create, create, create. And to share the bliss...


“As you walk out on the way, the way appears.”


The steps on the path are similar, your experience will be unique.

Online Ascension Mentoring

with Jamie Shaw

 a few things about me and what i do

- I went through my own initial awakening experience in 2008. I had my full blown 'kundalini' awakening on January 2nd, 2012. Since then I have been releasing all that wasn't really me, living through the activation and integration of what we are calling the light body, and merging, like it or not, with my eternal solo sovereign self. 

- Falling over is part of the process. I apply my experience to assist you in yours. I remain grounded and accessible to all, no matter where you are on your own road.

- Spiritually focused POETRY is my most natural form of self-expression, and I am engaged in writing my first book: 'Mind and Heart and Bridge'. Be All You Are also acts as a home for my own creative expressions. This is me. All I am.

- Producing and performing electronic music is another of my passions. I am doing my best to learn the piano, sometimes making progress, sometimes not!

-  Through this website I write, collate, share and adapt articles/resources about the ascension and descension process. This is a home for ascension content.

- I run guided pilgrimages on the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain and Portugal, in the Canary Islands, in South America and beyond. Creativity and simplicity are keys. 


Discover, align with, express, and realize the path you need...

- I am passionate about working with individuals to develop their self-expression, with my own particular focus being the written word. Being in creative flow about the visions and passions we have discovered, and the process we are going through is a key part of the process with me. I bring in artists to facilitate expression in a variety of art forms.

- I am the creator of ALL YOU ARE (AYA)  - an organization/organism/body (all of those!)  aimed at young adults, which shares the CORE KNOWINGS of my private services.

- I live in a very simple, mobile way. For me, life is a permanent pilgrimage, enabling one to access deeper and deeper layers of realization. To live a life of juicy service.

- I work with my clients to help them find out for themselves who and what they truly are, and transition to becoming the light filled spiritual/human beings they are destined to be.

- We build the key skills which are necessary to operate as divinity-in-training.

- With my background in anthropology, I am driven to communicate about the sudden evolutionary leap we are being presented with the opportunity to take. Moving into becoming HOMO UNIVERSALIS, the NEW DIVINE HUMANITY, involves nothing less than coming into UNION with your higher divine self. A little overwhelming?

You will most certainly have to stand on your own two feet.

But you don't have to do this totally alone.

Online Mentoring Sessions

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

Your soul knows how to look after you, knows what you need to thrive. It knows all you are in your entirety, it loves all you are, perfectly imperfect in every way.

On becoming HUman. A work in progress...

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"You can only start from where you are"

Online Mentoring Sessions


Broadly speaking, THERE ARE 3 MAIN GROUPS OF PEOPLE I am currently working with.

There is no judgement whatsoever about where you are in your journey of evolution to true self. We celebrate and honour wherever that is. One of my strengths is being able to adapt terminology, process and content to my clients' needs.

And of course you may feel that you don't fit inside any of these boxes. Getting oneself out of boxes is always encouraged!! 

Mountain Range


You may perceive this in "spiritual" terms or not. My approach is that our spiritual journey of evolution and our physical journey of evolution are one and the same.

It's time to switch on, unplug from the collective, listen to your own truth, reassess and connect with what truly lies in your heart, and build a life YOU really want to live, from the inside out.



Waves after waves of awakening are now happening. People are experiencing altered states of consciousness, feeling flashes of energy and light they've never before felt, sensing they must embrace deep changes.

There are many different levels to awakening. Lower realities are being overwritten. Higher purposes and our true eternal natures are being unveiled to us.




During our ascension, we must grow and integrate our own light. This light then shows up all the dust. More and more light shines on what is to be cleared. Densities are amplified as they are released. You may be struggling with the intensity of the clearing, the depth of the work.


This is real. This is challenging. This can be overwhelming.

AWAKENING must be transformed into SELF-MASTERY. Bliss asks to be shared.


I help people to choose to believe in themselves and now. Together we upgrade your ideas about DESTINATIONS in this lifetime and what is truly possible when you dedicate yourself to growing your being, when you answer the call. Working with me will help you to better navigate, with purpose, the waters of this new era of conscious creative evolution that we are all living through. One might consider this process a bit like growing up all over again - as an adult-child finding their way within a new operating system. Everyone will be on their own unique track that is moving fast and has no ready-made formulas. We must transition to a new resonance, a new frequency that increasingly matches our own particular blueprint. We learn to hold our own, regardless of what is occurring in the external. Boundaries must be held, personal freedom and self-expression continuously prioritized, transitional relations opened up to, however all that looks to each individual. Disconnections are as important as connections here as we let go of all that which does not serve our highest evolution. We begin to see everything from an increasingly eternal perspective and welcome in the challenges, even the discomfort, as our point of perception graduates up through the levels of awareness...


THE ASCENSION AND DESCENSION PROCESS: a certain amount of unraveling is to be expected

A full evolution of consciousness is taking place across the whole of Earth at this time. This planetary ascension is affecting individuals from all backgrounds, who are experiencing massive changes both in their exterior context and in their interior world. Many people are awakening to their inner spiritual self, which is requiring them to integrate new ways of understanding the reality of existence. This is not going to be comfortable, it's not meant to be, but it can be life changing on all levels. How these changes manifest, and how you cope with them, will be based on your inter-action with, and re-action to what is occurring in your life, as well as your ability to apply a higher perspective. You will need to face your fears, your issues with uncertainty, and find answers to questions regarding your true nature, such as: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? This shift to a New Earth requires an increased understanding of what is happening to you and your energetic bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) which are gradually transitioning to full awareness.

The Flock

The ascension process requires an individual raising of consciousness to a new level of existence. Each pathway will be unique but ultimately involve shifting from the ego driven Third Dimensional reality that exists around you to that of the higher energized heart consciousness of the Fifth Dimension and beyond. This will take you through an an amazing HARMONIZING process and, for those willing hearts, will lead to the balancing of your being through integration of the crystalline light body. Creating a fulfilling life starts with managing and moving towards balancing the thoughts, desires and emotions that you encounter on a daily basis, and prioritizing, maintaining and focusing on your highest outcomes. There is a steep learning curve to navigate towards achieving this balance, allowing this harmony, and walking the enlightened path of the ascension process. As many of your former motivations, desires and interests fall away, there is a greater part of YOU that seeks to express its SELF through you - this is your Higher Divine Self. There is much work to be done in this deeper existence.

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Your inner work will lead to a stream of consciousness from your higher self coming into your being and into the world, creating a path that takes you into YOUR future. It is now time to begin integrating your higher divine aspect, and to apply the wisdom you have gained through the curriculum of the human experience, to connect with the higher expressions of heart consciousness through qualities of compassion, acceptance, kindness, grace, non-judgment, non-attachment, and non-duality. The very experiences you have gone through have been necessary to embed that knowledge within you and trigger your desire to journey to true self and the embodiment of pure love. It's time to accept all you are, and take that accumulated wisdom into the next chapter of your chosen journey. Expansion will involve two directions: the light and the dark, the highs and the lows. The purpose of experiencing lower emotions and their subsequent vibrations, their frequencies, is to expand your awareness of the range of light frequencies, and your capacity to embody the very highest frequencies. The grounded aspects of YOU on earth are pioneers. Your progress is celebrated. You know this. You are light that knows itself as eternal light.


Everything in your life is a vehicle for your transformation. Use it!!

Online Ascension Guide


Currently I am running a schedule of one-to-one online sessions, and working with individuals who are signed up to my Be All You Are MENTORING plan. Guided pilgrimages will restart sometime in 2023. 

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