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steering your way towards the light

About me:

Be All You Are is run by me: Jamie Shaw


Up until the age of thirty two, I spent my years in a variety of different roles: as a Cambridge University social anthropologist with a special interest in evolutionary biology, as an electronic music DJ and underground music event organizer, as a project worker with unemployed young people in London, and a champion of apprenticeships, as a teacher in a number of different guises, and as a world traveller and outdoor adventurer. It was in 2008, after a difficult few years, that this life that I had built for myself began to unravel and I was hit with a personal crisis that meant I would have to detach myself completely from the reality I had constructed. I finally accepted that none of these roles was adequately resonating with who and what I really was, and that, at least how I perceived it at the time, I was quite lost. Surely there must be more to life than this?

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A decision was made, or rather forced upon me, to take time out from the stresses and strains of the, most often, directionless daily grind, start ignoring the noise and listen to my own truth. I made the commitment to undergo a period of restructuring myself and attempted to piece together a way forward that could more fully encompass whatever it was at the core of my being. The crisis was hard. My background had taken me into some weird, wonderful, frightening and ordinary places, both metaphorically and actually, but this was different; it seemed almost terminal, and everything was clouded by fear, anxiety, depression and regret. This process led me to what can only be described as an awakening, an understanding of the crucial importance of being here now, and a deep acceptance both of the path that had led me to that point of potential, and of who and what I really was. Although it was the darkest time in my life, it was simultaneously incredibly instructive and absolutely the turning point for me to start over, learn how to take good care of myself, and create a healthy, authentic, and satisfying way of living. I had to allow myself to completely break down, to release all that had been bottled up for so long, and to face and embrace my fears and feelings, and to understand that, in order to heal, I had to accept each feeling as a part of me, to live my emotions rather than try to avoid them, to begin living through the heart. In short, it was tough.

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The therapy I underwent also brought to the fore an embryonic idea that I'd had in my mid-20s called ‘The People's Museum’. This idea involved setting up highly affective community spaces where the local public were invited to contribute both an object and an associated story, in whatever format the contributor saw fit, which would then be anonymously exhibited, with the space becoming a real hub for the local community and a spark to its imagination and expression. There was a lot of confusion in me surrounding this idea for what I wanted to do - it felt unclear and incomplete, so much so that I had never really given it a chance. If anything, it had become a block to me pursuing anything with any real commitment. It had knocked about in my consciousness for so long, but had never gotten close to seeing the light of day. Does this experience ring any bells for you?


Despite all this, the process I had undergone had showed me that somewhere within this seed was the vision I'd been looking for, somewhere in this seed was the who and what I really was. So, how to get from A to B when you're not even sure where B is? For me, the next stage involved jumping into the unknown and trusting that the vision would crystallize and solidify into something real and achievable. I knew that I had to re-join existence and create the conditions through which I would find out what I was here to do, and find my own divine spark. I did not at this stage understand anything about ascension or the merging with one's divine self. If I had, I may not even have started on the road. I'm not sure.


This initial jump took me to Brighton, in the South East of England, where I began teaching a content driven English language course at a rather idiosyncratic establishment called The European School of Animal Osteopathy. This position allowed me several months of the year off to research, develop and begin putting all the pieces of my vision together. This process involved remaining open to guidance from life and seeking to integrate what was put before me in my direct experience so as to clarify what this vision was. Perhaps most importantly my new life situation enabled me, during each summer break, to walk the various Camino de Santiago routes across Northern Spain. In actual fact, it was almost a constant cycle of letting go and allowing the constituent parts of the vision to come into my life-stream. And the Camino was a wonderful catalyst for that.


These profoundly transformational journeys acted as the birthing ground for All You Are and the vision did indeed begin to crystallize in ways that I had not anticipated. At many points I felt overwhelmed by what was taking shape. I had so many remarkable experiences along the way, was able to focus on engaging my own inner power to change and I was brought into contact with many like-minded people and projects which have informed the base concept of a ‘benefit corporation’ called AYA or All You Are. This organization shares many of the core values of what I do through Be All You Are, and what was perhaps most powerful and illuminating was the fact that, as each constituent part of the project came into being, I could see how each of the avenues I had explored during this lifetime was, in fact, key training and preparation for what was to come. What came in was the opportunity to REMIX MY WORLD. I was beginning to awaken to my own unique role as a visionary creator, but I was also guided that, first of all, rather than throwing myself into a project that was all about facilitating the transformation of others, perhaps it was better to begin with myself!

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As the vision solidified, I could see how the elements of All You Are perfectly reflected the parts of myself that held the most interest, fulfilment and, indeed, pleasure for me. The journey I had embarked upon became one to 'true' 'authentic' self, and a steadily increasing resonance with a state of unconditional love - for my own being, for the journey thus far, for another and others, and for the planet which we inhabit. I began to realize, through my own lived experience that what was happening was the opening up of the possibility for all of something many are increasingly referring to as ascension. The potential for self-realization, self-actualization and finding our place within the totality has clearly upgraded and become more readily accessible than at any time in human history. More than ever before, people are looking to discover, align with, express and realize the paths they need in this life they are living. More and more people are waking up and discovering they are being invited to enter 5D living. Such a beautiful time to be alive...


The journey was always challenging in ways unique to myself, sometimes rather turbulent, and required such a lot of letting go that, at times, I was ready to jack it all in. But I kept going, kept walking, and, despite many mistakes made and perceived wrong turns taken, my life has, indeed, transformed. My first Camino de Santiago was the most powerful. On the first night, after a hard day’s walking, I had my first experience of my consciousness actually leaving my body, only briefly, but it undoubtedly happened. I was lying in bed and focusing on some Italians who were in bunk beds near by, when suddenly my thoughts, my mind, my consciousness simply detached itself from the body and floated over to where my focus had been, had a little look around, and then returned to the body. Wow. It was clear to me that this adventure I had embarked upon was going to be different.

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And different it was. Much of what happened on that Camino was unbelievable and most certainly unrelatable to those I tried to communicate with about it on my return. I had experiences that one only reads about in ancient or often rather unapproachable texts about the nature of enlightenment. Experiences where the physical 3D world simply dissolved in front of my eyes and I found myself in another dimension altogether. Experiences where what was happening in my immediate vicinity revolved completely around my thoughts, without any delay whatsoever. And most beautiful of all was an experience of nirvana - received after literally falling through the plug hole of my own consciousness - a physical feeling of absolute completion of all aspects of being human. What happened on that walk in the summer of 2011 changed everything, and it was soon clear that the only way I could communicate it would be through this website, my poetry, my music, and writing a simultaneously autobiographical and fictional novel, and expressing such wonder in ways that would sidestep the bewilderment and distrust that met any subsequent attempts to relay what had happened. This is an inherent problem for those experiencing their own wake-up call. How on earth do you communicate about it!? Indeed, it was on this trip that I began to receive what can only be described as downloads of the poetry and the book I would write, 10 verses, 10 chapters, structured around the series of paintings called the ‘Ten Ox Herding Pictures’, used in the Zen Buddhist tradition to describe the stages of a practitioner's progress toward enlightenment, and his or her return to society to enact wisdom and compassion (this has since been upgraded to 13 - with 11-13  encompassing how to share the bliss in the world without being dragged down to lower consciousness). In fact, it took me 18 months to finally write the poem that can be found on this website and it is only relatively recently that I have felt able to begin the book in earnest, although I have been structuring and layering it for some time now.

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I met someone very special on that Camino. We walked together for 4 weeks and fell in love - although it was a strange kind of love that felt more like that of a brother and sister - indeed many people we met were confused about what our relationship was. On our return, me to the UK, and her to northern France, things quickly fell apart, and those months were some of the most difficult I have faced. But the collapse of the relationship saw me access for the first time, a state of absolute unconditional love for another. Love without any expectation in return. And on the 2nd of January 2012, as the three keys of unconditional love for the self, unconditional love for the journey so far, and unconditional love for another, slid into place, I had what is commonly termed a kundalini awakening, full blown and awesome in its intensity. Kundalini is extremely difficult to describe but is perhaps best thought of as the feminine, creative, infinite evolutionary force or light that lives inside every single one of us. Usually represented as a snake coiled three and a half times around, Kundalini lies dormant at the base of the spine of all of us. The awakening lasted a whole night and I actually had no idea what it was, only that it came with bliss, peace and was also incredibly sexual, only pure at the same time. What I now understand, through my own direct lived experience, is that kundalini rising is a journey of reuniting the small, separate sense of self with the divine, like a drop of water re-joining the ocean from where it came. The following morning the energy finally focused itself on my heart, I was able to function again, and so began the years of clearing and upgrading the chakras and transforming my entire being. I think I would characterize living with kundalini as living through the knots of my own consciousness by direct lived experience so as to release all that is not truly me and embody my own unique divine essence, my soul's blueprint.

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Since 2012, the ascension/liberation process has gathered pace, and accelerated in intensity, and with it I have overhauled my understanding of who and what I really am. With the help others who have been on a similar path, I have stepped out of the various prisons that were keeping me from living the life I had always dreamed of. I’ve continuously moved towards releasing limiting beliefs and negative social conditioning and learned to embrace all aspects of myself. The kundalini has led to the activation and integration of the light body. And becoming a "Lighthouse Keeper" comes with a great deal of responsibility, as well as the chance to live a life of juicy service that fits you like a glove.


For a few years I continued in my relatively ‘normal’ job before receiving and answering guidance to become much more self-sufficient - to truly stand on my own two feet. I began my own businesses, began learning the piano and work with synthesizers, and embraced how to make and perform music that I love. I also began fully embracing my writing and projects that I had wanted to start and that I had been connected with back in 2008. Now, I live between Portugal, the Canary Islands, and various locations around the world, and am engaged in the work I do through Be All You Are to assist others with their own journeys to true self. My ongoing process of integrating the light body and embodying 5D consciousness while in human form is very exacting, and I love to pass on what I am learning to others who are invested in working with me. Onwards and upwards...


I continue to lay the foundations for the vision of All You Are through individual projects that match my own deep truths. It has not been a ‘perfect’ road, just perfectly imperfect. I  write about my own journey, particularly in the form of poetry, and I am doing my best to put together what I have learned about how to work well with the new operating system that our planet has shifted up to. I adapt and publish many kinds of information about that here on this website. I feel calm and centred, I feel increasingly harmonized, sometimes I reach states of ecstasy, and I most definitely live in a constant stream of grace. Despite having numerous problems with overcoming some self-sabotaging, self-defeating behaviours and beliefs, I have reached a place where I feel that my day-to-day life is a true reflection of who I am. There are still challenges that present themselves and I can confirm that the process is certainly an irreversible and very powerful transformation, absolutely tangible for everyone, although each individual will have to walk their own unique path. At times, the various 'crystals' of darkness that I had been carrying inside of me, were brought to the surface to be fully cleared, and yes, at times it was very difficult to progress. Some of these shadow aspects will need to be incorporated into the 'self' that we bring into being through the transformation, and that is one of my specialities. Above all, we must learn to live in balance, while pursuing our deepest desires, and I love to pass on what I have learned about this to others. I can say for sure that I would not exchange the life I am now living for anything. And I feel blessed that I have found ways to use my passions in service to the needs of others, and to have built the context to deliver my services in ways which are actually mutually beneficial. Remember, the relationship between 'student' and 'teacher' is always two-way...

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