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What would you do, who would you be, if you knew you could not fail?

Discover, align with, express and realize the path you need...

the bee of be all you are

journeys to true self in ways that work

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 All You Are, otherwise known as AYA, is an organisation with enormous global scope now ready to be born. You can find the full online strategy statement for the creation of All You Are here: We are aiming to position ourselves as a body, or dare I say it brand, with the potential to have the very maximum personal, social, and evolutionary impact. All You Are is aimed at young adults and offers validation, information, and pathways for self-discovery. Be All You Are is now looking for backers, investors with vision, collaborators, partners, interested parties, communities, projects, individuals and groups to help us get off the ground. Do you share a passion for giving people the chance to ring the bell and walk through an open door to a visionary life? We believe that now is the time for All You Are. The best way forward is unfolding. All You Are will be truly radical and offer new horizons in transformative education. It will assist our highly evolved younger generations to follow their dreams, embrace who and what they really are, and be supported in doing so. All You Are's visionary creator, Jamie Shaw, does have a certain investment in this - that being that AYA will be able to have an evolutionary impact on more conventional human society - be that education or processes available to regenerate individuals who have found themselves in trouble with the law, for example, or are being excluded for other reasons. This means that he will want to model it and Jamie believes that 2 models stand out: Private Foundation and Benefit Corporation. A benefit corporation is a type of corporate entity that has positive impact on society, workers, the community and the environment, in addition to profit as its legally defined goals, in that the definition of "best interest of the corporation" is specified to include those impacts. Such an organisation is a strong form, a strong model which can more easily go head to toe with some of the world's purely profit driven corporate entities. It also allows one to run events, activities and processes for free, for money, or however one wants to in any given situation. Any profits made can be reinvested into the core values, mission and vision of the corporation, which in All You Are's case means better resourcing individuals to follow their dreams and discover their true essence. We are about building long term success rather than focusing on short term gains. All You Are is absolutely for everyone and must always remain accessible to all. If you're interested in the strategy contained on this page and on the website which contains the full online vision statement (written some time ago so please forgive some inconsistencies), get in touch and help make a more awakened world a reality. Some CORE KNOWINGS can be found here.


All You Are is a way shower organism through which individuals can better navigate, with purpose, the waters of this new era of conscious, creative evolution that we are all living in. An ark, if you like, unique in its conception, built by life, built for life, we will facilitate transformational journeys to self in ways that work and harness this awakened self-evolution energy for the highest good of all concerned. The plans are directed towards inspiring and enabling young adults to discover, align with, express and realise the path they need. Once individuals have discovered this path, they will be RESOURCED to follow it. That could mean connecting with like minds who can help to make it happen, it could mean financial resources, or it could mean being connected with a life situation which allows that individual to move towards their vision with greater ease and grace. RESOURCES...


We are planning to run a brand new breed of event, essentially spiritual in character, without being explicitly so, and without requiring any belief other than the choice to believe in yourself and now. Simplicity, creativity, and raw ideas are keys. These events will invite those who attend to walk on hiking paths and pilgrimage routes before they arrive. Journeys to self in ways that work. 


We are coming into existence as a positive response to perceived crisis, to show how crisis can be an extremely powerful and effective evolutionary driver. We are coming into existence to offer holistic modular transformative educational practices that revolve around the essence of each individual we are working with. All You Are chooses to be a communicator of a more benevolent cosmology of limitless possibility, which more accurately reflects the opportunities available to each individual should they choose to participate. We will create integrated holistic pathways to living visionary lives, and an infrastructure both in the real and virtual world to facilitate finding others who'll be able to help make these visions and raw ideas a reality. Whoever you are, you'll find a place with All You Are.


Through their contact with All You Are, individuals will be able to access:






















Accessible to all, we help people to answer these fundamental questions:

I feel powerless to change, how can I?

How do I get from A to B when I don't even know where B is?

Who would I be, what would I do, if I knew I could not fail?

How do I connect with my life purpose(s)?

How can I find my place in the totality?

How do I start?

How can I get rid of all the stuff that's holding me back?

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Not affiliated to any religion, or idealists in any sense, we simply understand that for any whole to function well, whether that be an individual, an organization, a company, a classroom, a method of education, or a community, its constituent parts should be working towards resonating at their highest possible level. In time, the plan is to run a series of All You Are events that harness the power of the Camino de Santiago and to extend this to many of the world's wonderful pilgrimage routes; the power of which are being upgraded due to the ascension process that has been ongoing since 2012. There will be opportunities to develop the model within existing festival sites and to connect with other groups and organisations.

In terms of the Camino plans, All You Are aims to work in partnership with existing communities and spaces in Northern Portugal and North Western Spain, fitting the strategy of running our events a little off the beaten track of this internationally famous pilgrimage route. We'll communicate the Celtic origins of the Camino, its inclusive present, and its capability to allow 'pilgrims' to ignore the noise, follow that will and that way that experience confirms to be their own, and engage their inner power to change. We understand that by going deeper inward, each individual's personal evolution has the potential to awaken in us the design of our unique vision and a new role for ourselves which will be best realized, not by separation, but by deeper participation with others. We trust in the power of these routes to assist in the creation of new ways of being, doing and having and to reveal to us each of our new pathways. Jamie is often told that it all sounds a little vague, which is a fair criticism, but at this time, what's important is to connect with others who can see the possibilities in the design and come together to begin making it happen, begin grounding it all. A seed has been created, a seed that is well adapted to the new operating system on the planet. Its shell is protecting the embryo inside, keeping it cool and dry while it waits for a suitable location for germination, growth and reproduction. Quite simple really.

These All You Are events will be hyper-realities of whole centred consciousness, a place for chance to incubate, designed for joining our unique individual genius, for discovering and answering callings, for giving birth to awakened new roles and projects. At the centre of each of our events will be a beautiful performance area. Loosely based on a traditional MILKWOOD ROUNDHOUSE but with a roof made of a honeycomb structure, this focal point will fire the imagination, with event goers invited to contribute an expression of the vision they have been connected with along the way. Each will be given a cell of the honeycomb in which this expression, painting, poem, song or whatever, will be housed for the duration of the event.

For All You Are, honeycomb is absolutely central as it symbolizes the fulfilment of the potential of the whole, where each cell is, in fact, unique. As an algorithm, it minimizes the space between cells and we can create these performance areas as FULLY FUNCTIONAL VISION FACTORIES. The honeycomb structures can act as both symbolic and practical tools for expression and the manifestation of this work, they give a dramatic impression and allow for the blurring of the boundaries between audience and performers. It's a beautiful message, don't you think? And not to mention how it highlights the central importance of the bee in our lives.


The experience provided by All You Are events will be one that allows people to decompress after and crystallize their Camino or pilgrimage experience. Within the event space will be artists-in-residence, creative arts practitioners, on hand to help people, if they want help, to express their vision in creative work. We'd like to make it possible to learn how to sequence a track, how to jam, write a song, play an instrument, how to paint a picture, make a sculpture - if you can imagine it, there will be someone on hand to make it happen. Or you can, of course, just do it yourself! There will be spiritual and holistic practitioners, trainers and educational innovators, experts in the fields of sustainability, human and social potential, personal growth, nutrition, community development and beyond, delivering services designed to release any blockages that individuals may have and which may be stopping them from fully self-actualizing. And all this within an event that provides exceptional entertainment! Superbly affective music will be at the heart of what we do.


All You Are events will deliver truly remarkable experiences and enable people to access doorways to the creation of less linear, more fulfilling lives. We'll dance, meet like minds, meet the right minds and be shown, by our direct experience, how social convergence can be the key to our hearts' desires, how each life purpose is vital in the emerging body of humanity, and how going deeper inward awakens our social potential, positioning us in the right context. Through their contact with All You Are, individuals will be supported to live their lives as the highest expression of self and in the elevation of their vocation, aligned with their passion and their vision, to mean life purpose.


All You Are also wishes to become engaged in developing an internet application to support the actualisation of the visions, projects and raw ideas expressed by those who come to our events. By effectively tagging and logging these visions on site, we'll be able to extend the reach of All You Are far beyond the confines of our event spaces. We'll maintain interaction with those who we've touched, be able to develop revenue streams, and create a platform through which people can be connected with those who can help to make their vision a reality. We're looking to develop our own application with honeycomb a key part of its functionality. Can you help with that? As things are, we are already working with a start-up application, based out of Brighton, which is attempting to do something similar. They are called Onrequest, they are in the early stages of development but you can download the application, give it a try and have a look at what they are all about here:

The key to All You Are's success is that individuals will go through a process both by walking on the pilgrimage routes and by attending the events themselves that connects them with their raw vision, unspoiled, uncluttered by the stresses and strains of everyday life, the opinions of others, or the machinations of general society in the modern world. Once this raw idea, or vision has been expressed and harnessed, it exists, and the power within it exists. That can never be taken away. Whatever doubts come into the consciousness of the individual, whatever difficulties get in the way of the vision's realization, it doesn't really matter - the idea itself has been birthed. 


All You Are - a truly  transformational platform to show that self interest and mutual best interest, can, in the right conditions, be identical.


Capture Minds: gain behaviour. Capture Hearts: gain commitment. Bridge Mind and Heart: go stratospheric...


Be All You Are is now grounding in connection with the RAINBOW LODGE spiritual retreat centre in Serra da Estrela, Portugal. Watch this space for swift transformation...

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