We honour our natural progress as we ascend and activate DNA. We follow the ascension process step by step to assist the mental, emotional and physical levels to stay balanced and centred.







A Few Proven Methods for DNA Activation:

HEART COHERENCE: Choose, intend, visualize and practice a heart-centered life. Love is all; direct your heart to emanate love, and your reality will follow.

MEDITATION: Cultivate a peaceful, calm state for activation and reconnection.

COMMANDS & DECREES: The long-honored tool of using intention and voice to activate and expand the consciousness, form and fields for Ascension.

FEELING: Genuine forgiveness, gratitude, non-judgment, Divine neutrality, pure intention, and authentic desire to be of service to others.

DETOXIFICATION: Spiritual, physical, mental, emotional detox. Empower the biolandscape to handle evolution. Eat live organic food and activated water.

NATURE: SUNlight, Earthing, get in natural bodies of water. Be in the crystalline charge of Gaia's new grids to align your fields and heart often.

FREQUENCY: Solfeggio tones, High-Vibe music, vocal toning, singing bowls,tuning forks, and Light Language with the intent to activate DNA.

COLLECTIVE DNA: Connect with your Tribe to activate and exchange codes!