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journeys to self in ways that work

new earth eternity training services

new earth eternity training services

You're on Earth. There's no cure for that.

But some conversations can change your life.

People often ask me "why do you call it eternity training?" In response I explain that my approach is aimed at enabling individuals who are invested in working with me to balance the enormity of realizing one's own eternal nature with developing the on-the-ground skills and capacities required to move towards embodying this divinity-in-training. There are so many modalities, terminologies, assumptions and projections out there in the world that many find themselves getting a little lost in it all. In fact, things are quite simple. At its core, the process of awakening to your inner spiritual self involves realizing that you are much more than you previously believed, that you are an eternal being undertaking a journey of personal growth, at this point in human form and on planet earth. Most often, in their own unique ascension process, a person will encounter what I call 'the full circle effect'. This involves realizing that even before we became more conscious of who and what we really are, we were already on our path, going through experiences and learning that helped us to grow in the directions that we needed. Indeed, whether an individual considers themselves 'spiritual' or not, we are all walking our path, we are all engaging, to a certain degree, in the curriculum that is continuously being laid out in front of us. We simply have the choice to walk consciously or unconsciously. Our physical journey and our spiritual journey are one and the same. 

We are privileged to be living through the most powerfully transformative times in human history. The intensity has been building, as we are presented with the opportunity to engage in conscious evolution and refine the frequency of ourselves and of our lives lived. This is not going to stop. Whatever language is used, whichever terminology is subscribed to, we are being asked to connect with higher aspects of self, and embrace the challenging process of harmonizing our inner and outer worlds. A lot of this is very grounded. We must untie the knots in our own consciousness through direct lived experience. We are being asked to make the necessary changes to our habits, routines, priorities, perspectives, emotions, thoughts, and actions. Fundamentally, our focus needs to be on that which truly nourishes us, and this journey to living our own truth will involve embodying radical self, free of the opinions of others, as we move towards holding our own regardless of what is happening in the external. Beautiful...


Depending on my clients' needs, I deliver this service primarily through online tuition and mentoring sessions. People can combine working with me online, with seeing me occasionally in person, or coming on one of my guided pilgrimages. I am a New Earth Educator, active in the world and on the page, sharing my knowledge and participant observations of the ascension and descension process with a variety of audiences.


You can find an outline of some of the elements that I cover below, and you can have a look at the latest articles section and elsewhere around the site, where a lot of information and resources are freely shared. I may or may not be a good fit for you.

The relationship between 'student' and 'teacher' is always a 2-way process. Learning is more powerful and better integrated when people find out for themselves. Many truths co-exist at the same time. Through my work, I facilitate my clients to grow their being, recognize and engage with their life curriculum and its criteria, and learn to detach a little from the details that can sometimes lead to us, at least temporarily, losing our way.


I help people to move up through levels of awareness, to truly own their talents, capabilities and individuality, to experience the divinity within, and allow it to transform their lives. We work together to HARMONIZE aspects of self, both internal and 'external'. Refining one's frequency towards PERSONAL HARMONY then calls forth what each of us needs. When we are ready, the words we need to read or hear come to us. Both HARMONIZING and MOVING TOWARDS are key elements to my approach. Even small steps taken open up possibilities and pathways...

"I love this climbing over myself, this walking through myself into my SELF"

I apply what I have learned to help others on their own unique paths. I work with a wide spectrum of clients at radically different stages in their process. Although I don't use the term myself, I sometimes function as a kind of life coach, assisting individuals to make changes to the nuts and bolts of their existence so as to better move towards living more aligned, more meaningful and more magical lives. I enjoy working to help people either discover or recover their creative selves, and I am conscientious about facilitating those who I mentor to accept the path they are on and accept who and what they really are. Whatever your current idea of destination is, the new operating system on our planet is inviting you to move in the direction of gradual transformation to a physically integrated light body as openly and calmly as possible. This truly is a SUPER-CHARGED JUMP IN EVOLUTION that is occurring and we have the opportunity to explore the unseen and engage with the unknown as the merge between lower and higher self gathers pace. 

Resistance will have to be transformed into allowing. One's point of perception will have to be progressively upgraded. The challenges are highly personal to each of us and yes, this is going to be inherently challenging. Of course, the rewards are most certainly delicious.

Life on the planet is in the hot seat. Gaia has already ascended to support the embodiment of 5th dimensional (pure love) consciousness by those humans who are willing and ready to transform through their process.


New vibrational planes of existence are online and ready to be experienced...

A new you is presenting itself to be embodied...

​You are light that knows itself as eternal light.

And the light just is.

"and then one day you did something

you'd never done before

you lifted up the drawbridge

and bolted shut the door

they tried to call, to interfere, give advice you did not want

but you stood your ground, and turned the dial, to your personal commandant

“now listen here”, you heard him say

“you're there to grow your being

wake-up, remember who you are

and change your way of seeing

to free yourself from density, express yourself and play

we're sculpting you most carefully, so you'll be like me some day”

and that was when you realized

that you too were a central sun

divinity in trainers

with nowhere left to run

a single cell of heaven-sent, nirvana's building block

you'd steered your course, you'd found your way, and all upon this rock"


Be All You Are Latest Articles

- awakening to your authentic self -

Surreal Paintings - Balance of Mind and Heart.jpg

Choose to believe in yourself and now

 Crisis is an extremely powerful driver of change, an evolutionary driver. Perceived crisis on a personal level, on a social level, on a planetary level, all are fuelling the ascension process. Sometimes we have to get lost to find ourselves. Awakening to your authentic self is awakening to your inner spiritual self. Connecting with higher aspects of self, coming into union with your divine self, all involve very grounded upgrades to your being and your life. A new reality is waiting to come online for you. You absolutely deserve the best. You understand that living in a somewhat fake and programmed world has played its part in keeping your true existence away from you. You may have been trying to exist in contexts where the voices of others and the information overload has been drowning out the sound of your soul speaking to your heart. Evolution is happening fast. Many of our younger generations already have much higher potentials, capacities and perspectives that don't necessarily fit the information out there about 'awakenings' and such like. Many are searching for some kind of validation about what they know and feel to be true, for others who have similar skills and knowings, and for modalities, teachers, and information which can offer them a way, a forum, a platform to climb out of any projected boxes, become the highest version of themselves, and truly shine their light.


It's time to choose to believe in yourself and now. It's time to remix what's in your world.

It may even be time to forget everything you once thought you were.

"streams of consciousness need crossing

mountains of doubt and adversity need climbing

the air of enlightenment needs breathing

the paths of truth and faith need walking"



New Earth Education

I facilitate transformational journeys to true self in ways that work and assist people to harness this awakened self-evolution energy, calibrate their personal circumstances with their inner life, and overhaul their ideas about where they are heading at this extraordinary time. We must ring the bell and walk through an open door to a truly authentic, liberated life, where passions, visions, vocation and life purpose(s) are integrated, and balance is achieved, Developing our self-expression capabilities is a key, as is raising and refining our own unique FREQUENCY. Being all that you are is not just about working out what to do. It's also about moving up through levels of consciousness, growing one's being, progressively upgrading one's point of perception, and moving towards graduating from the Earth training program that we have each incarnated into so many times.

Latest Articles


Discovering Your Missions And Visions

“The vital criteria of personal integrity is whether you belong to your own life or not.”

One aspect of my work is to  help you find your unique offering(s) to this world. For some this will involve the discovery of passions, for others a way of better knowing themselves, or raising the level of their confidence and understanding, allowing the consolidation and crystallization of what they already felt to be true. For many of my clients, our work will be most useful in overcoming the sometimes paralyzing paradox of choice, or the distress that can come from the perception that opportunities have been missed. Of course, getting from A to B is pretty messy when you don't even know where B is! This aspect of my work helps all to find their place in the totality, and to express themselves creatively.

When we align ourselves with deepest heart, the magic starts to happen.

This is really all about becoming a hero of your own life, without any need for external congratulation.

Through all my work, be it private sessions, awakened projects, the seeding of AYA, my writing and my music, I assist people answer the question:

Who would I be, what would I do, if I knew I could not fail? 


spiritual awakening.jpg


We are all perfectly imperfect. Our work together will be more powerful coming from an acceptance of what is. Then we have the beginning of a process built on solid foundations. The universe provides a perfect reflection of where you are. Maybe it's time to begin taking responsibility and take the journey of self love and spiritual alchemy! 


Up until now, everything that has happened in your life has happened perfectly for you - and all the beings involved with you - to grow in exactly the way you’ve needed and wanted to grow. In this lifetime, and, of course, all the others!
We need to accept and embrace the journey that has brought us to this point.


 I often hear people say that the decisions and actions we make in our lives are triggered by either fear or love.
But what kind of love?
I help you to see that it is really only unconditional, pure radiant love that is the destination on the 'new earth’. And love does not seek co-dependency.





These are necessary KEY SKILLS for each and every one of us. Non-judgement starts by not judging oneself. We can build real compassion from here. In the higher modules, one must learn to not even judge the judgemental. 
Non-duality is essential. We understand that many truths co-exist at the same time, and that all is occurring for our own highest evolution.
Non-attachment skills enable us to become self-sufficient in love, and able to maintain our internal state regardless of what occurs in the external.
The non-attachment training provided by your own higher self is likely to be perceived as rather 'harsh' in the early stages. It gets easier and the rewards are progressively better and better. Practices that may begin as a kind of medicine for the mind go on to become gateways to the embodiment of the most wonderful feelings and states.

transcending duality

One of the biggest challenges I face when communicating with others, having mostly moved beyond duality myself, is that others are still locked in this system. Duality is the concept and experience of life where one chooses to judge people, including oneself, places, situations and things, as right or wrong, good or bad, etc. How many times have you determined that you or another were wrong, or right for that matter? 


This is usually not something that is turned off and on like a light switch.

But we can begin moving away from duality (ego) consciousness and towards soul (unity) consciousness. 

Through moving towards non-duality we can live through the understanding that many truths can exist at the same time, that everything is both real and unreal, that source is both within and without, that we are in connection rather than separation, and that all that occurs is for our own highest evolution.


It's OK to make mistakes. This is how we evolve and learn through challenging ourselves without fear

Take for example, the word "FAILURE". This word puts forward a very simplistic way of thinking that allows for only two possibilities: failure or success. Few things in our universe are black and white, yet much of our language reads as if they were. All subtlety is lost through this black and white approach, and we lose our ability to see the truth, which is, of course, considerably more complex. Indeed, many truths can and do exist all together at the same time. We must do our best to avoid asserting: "our way is better". When the word "failure" comes up, it's really a call for us to apply a more enlightened consciousness to the matter at hand. Falling over is part of the process. We keep walking...


When we are ready and the time is right, we can begin the journey to true self, to our core. We can access our own unique blueprint as light beings. 

We can reach a place of inner serenity, and inner strength. Our frequency can reach a very personal harmony that calls forth what we need.

We can actually begin to generate our own love, and embrace everything we are, and everything there is.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

 Our true self wishes to be FREE

Be All You Are - Online Mentoring Sessions

Are you fully awake, fully alive, fully free, and living your life as every aspect of who you are, with meaning, purpose and joy?

Or is there further to go? Are you understanding that you are here to help humanity transition to a new form,

with the mind+body+spirit complex of three becoming one...




At various stages on my own path I have thought that I understood the nature of trust, surrender, non-judgment, non-attachment, non-duality, and radiant unconditional pure love, but then, as the ascension path accelerated and deepened, more and more aspects of these spiritual keys and other attributes revealed another level of complexity or subtlety and led me further  into my personal journey. There are deeper and deeper layers of realization to drop into. A kind of continual unfolding. Yes, there are many common aspects to this process, but awakening and ascension is a profoundly personal and individual journey. It is also a very physical process. The MERGE happens here and now.

(adaptation of insight gifted by new divine humanity)

We exist in a world of consciousness that exhibits structures of realities that vary to a large degree in their levels of awareness. They clash when differing levels cannot be communicated with the required understanding. One is not able to perceive beyond one's own level of awareness.

It is like living in a bubble, the parameters of which are defined by current beliefs, the state of one's subsconsciousness, and the 'knowing' available due to memories, cellular consciousness and direct lived experience. Each level exists as a bubble that plays out as its perceived filter. Generally speaking, that which is beyond the current parameters is not discerned.

Identifying at least the notion that what and how we see things is not necessarily how they are, opens one up to the exploration and the invitation to expand towards all we do not currently perceive - the territory of the UNKNOWN. Each level has its own rules as to what takes place within it. As one graduates from one level to the next, one feels the granting of approval to greater awareness simply arrives as each state of conscious readiness. Yes, all exists now, but each being is playing out the level they are within in any given moment. And to them, nothing else exists outside of it, until realized.

We cannot scream and kick our way to the next level of awareness. On the contrary, we let go, we open more, we stay present as much as is required to advance. Onwards and upwards through the levels. We apply the understanding that there is more that we cannot yet perceive. This is the first step in opening up to what is unseen. We do our best to release the fear we carry with regard to the unseen. We do our best not to always seek shelter in the familiar. We recognize that there is an inner landscape of worlds upon worlds waiting for us. We recognize that we lived in one world and now we live in another, We pay attention to ourselves, we understand that we lived through perceptions that were limiting, we let go, we acknowledge that our heart knows more that we could ever imagine, we move towards knowing that a bigger picture is taking place, beyond our current scope of awareness. 

We embrace the unknown. We are open and courageous enough to break out of our bubble. We let go of trying to control everything. We let go of the lower emotions - fear, jealousy, anger, etc. - we let go of attachment to all beliefs and enter higher ground. We master each level as we let go and open. We begin to embrace all levels, even if we haven't yet experienced them. We realize each bubble was a tool that we ourselves set up, a tool to assist us to move towards becoming limitless, becoming truly free, becoming truly present in the flow, as children of light. We begin to access the eternal freedom of that flow, in which exists only the awareness of now. And then we realize that we are fully realized, and we laugh out loud, because we always have been.


Mind and Heart and Bridge




As we move up through the levels of awareness, as we drop into deeper and deeper layers of realization, as we surrender ourselves to a kind of continual unfolding, developing an eternal perspective on the happenings in our lives, on our relationships, on our journeys, is a great release. We are here to grow our being, and go about our work. We are here as divinity-in-training.

Some of the destructive loops we find most difficult to release are aspects of self that have been challenges for us over many, if not all, of our lifetimes. This is re-occurrence. One needs to tread carefully here, moving towards shedding the old, while understanding that shadow aspects will need to be accepted and integrated. Some crystals of density can be shattered by a perfectly placed blow. Others will require a kind of gradual erosion.

As with the above section, this is KEY.
We move up through levels of awareness. We graduate from one level to the next.
As perception increases awareness of higher vibration, experience of higher levels of existence become available. There is a progressive lifting of the veils, a series of revelations. Transforming one's point of perception changes everything.

Entering 5D


I work well with those who are prepared to do what it takes to overcome personal challenges. Many of these challenges will be very grounded, very particular to the individual. We are invited to untie the knots in our own consciousness through direct lived experience. Much of this work will involve dealing with different types of fear. Ultimately we will be required to overcome our fear of death, something that underpins many other types of fear. 


We understand that accessing our creative selves is an absolute priority. Courses such as Julia Cameron's 'The Artist's Way' help us with techniques, exercises and self-confidence so that we can harness our creative talents and skills. We learn that true freedom comes from structure and self-discipline. We prioritize making time to express our flow and moving towards bringing into the world that which is longing to be born through us.


As we listen to our own truths and embrace living radical realities that nourish the self, we become specialists in seeing beyond dogma, both dogma in the alternative worlds, and dogma in the more traditional worlds. We learn to integrate that which resonates with us. We learn to say no whilst not simply discarding that which challenges us. We go beyond belief to knowing.

What is Ascension




We can become leading edge creators. What we focus on becomes our reality. One needs to develop skills in avoiding becoming distracted by other people's agendas. One moves towards proper use of life force, creating rather than imitating. One is taught the importance of responsible co-creation.
I help people to recover their creative persona, to develop an artist's mindset.

Refining our frequency towards this personal harmony is what calls forth what we need. Distortions will need to be overridden, overwritten. Crystals of density within us can either be gradually eroded over time, or shattered by a well placed blow. Coming more and more into alignment with our eternal selves is a tremendous journey to take. 

What does it mean to possess great humility, while also being 'successful' in your work, in your life, whatever that looks like to you? How does it feel to live a life of juicy service that fits you like a glove? Real compassion for others depends on having real compassion for yourself. Being able to operate with transparency at all times, even when we are under stress, is a great skill, a quality that humanity needs from us.

3D 4D and 5D explained


We can be buffeted by the waves of ascension. Experiencing great highs and great lows is what leads to expansion. This can be overwhelming. Yes, there will always come a LIFELINE but this process can be scary. What you fear and wish to avoid may lead you to a place you didn't wish to go. We untie the knots in our own consciousness through direct lived experience. 


It is normal for a great deal of unravelling to occur as an individual is invited to let go of that which no longer serves them. Indeed, there can be various periods of unravelling necessary to shed the old and welcome the new. Densities are amplified as they are released. Intensification is part and parcel of ascension.


 The range of conscious frequencies that can be perceived are rapidly expanding as we incorporate the sixth sense of awareness into our daily living. Additional sense channels are opening up as we release the lowest anchors of our existence. Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance abilities are coming online for many. Enhanced, super-charged intuition.

Be All You Are - Latest Articles



We may spend a lot of time alone during times of transformation. We may come to real resolution through self-inquiry. We may make great progress in refining our frequency, in harmonizing our interior worlds. But are we able to maintain that frequency? Are we able to hold that space, that feeling, out in the world, without being triggered, without being dragged down or blown off course by those around us?

Harmony is our natural state. From this state all that we need flows to us. By moving towards harmonizing our interior world, our thoughts, emotions, our expressions, our actions, we begin to access our unique blueprint as light beings.
Achieving personal harmony is the greatest gift we can give to our selves. Simple.

'Unity Consciousness' is a much misused term. This is always about balancing seemingly opposing forces within, resolving all that is not knowing itself as love, merging masculine and feminine aspects as one. 
We come to unity consciousness one by one. Unity. Union. Harmony. The Merge. All this occurs within.

Gradual Transformation To Light Body




For many of us, truth is increasingly happening in sleep or while we are in meditative state. The 4D world is restructured to facilitate this. One can switch between dimensions, between states, and sometimes this happens without any warning. There are many aspects to learn. Assumptions, presumptions, and projections about how this will be should be left at the door.

Awakening has many levels. The ground is prepared for kundalini awakening to occur. At some point the process of kundalini transformation segues into gradual transformation to light body. There is much to learn at each stage. This is both a great gift and a great challenge. The merge between higher and lower self.

Our journey to embodying our unique eternal essence will involve us developing skills in living WILD & FREE. At times it will be necessary to step outside of society, become truly self-sufficient. We will need to accept all that we are as we connect to higher dimensional aspects of self. SINGULAR PARTICULAR. Shadow aspects will need to be integrated.

Parable Visions - The Art Of Cameron Gray




Old realities completely collapse. The physical body must integrate this. Sometimes it needs to freak out! Along the way, this process intensifies. There is a total rewrite of our consciousness. All distortions will be overridden, overwritten. 
Our transformation is very very physical. Palpable. Indeed, as we discover that we have always been multidimensional, we understand that it is the physical body that has a great deal of upgrading to undergo so that we can truly embody all we are...

As the merge between higher and lower self progresses, we are required to develop capacities in balancing the needs of our divine human aspect, and our creature human aspect. This can be a difficult job. Often there will be a divergence between the desires of higher and lower self. We may spend hours in bliss but we will still need to accomplish those everyday tasks. This is a big big challenge.

In the latter stages of ascension, divine neutrality becomes a requirement. What starts as a state of consciousnesss, in turn effects your fields in a palpable way. It assists us with alchemy, enables us to better implement non-judgement, non-attachment, and  non-duality, and is a key to new realities in other realms. We become a pure conduit for source and a state of divine neutrality is a big part of that.Divine alchemy can expand through divine neutrality. Onwards and upwards...

Be All You Are Stories
Be All You Are Poetry

your story is your jewel

Wherever you are in your process, I invite you to work with me towards the development of key skills that will serve you well as you move towards living 

I do my best to act as an accessible and affordable mentor who can help you to embrace all you are.
I'm looking forward to working with you so that you can really shine...


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