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for creative, professional and self-development

Our relationship with language and self-expression shows us many things about the challenges we are facing in our lives. These challenges can best be seen as opportunities to 'SWITCH ON'. Move forward with your writing, communication and English language skills, produce work you can feel truly proud of, find your way to being all you are in a global sense, and truly thrive...PRICES FROM £25 - £35 PER HOUR

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 I provide professional English language services tailored to the needs of the individual, company or organization. I help you to unlock your highest potential, by delivering highly effective, made-to-measure training, guidance, coaching and editing services that get you where you want to go.

Through working together, we can transform your ability to express yourself in English, and to produce high quality written work. You'll be enabled to use language to build a life, project or career, that is truly authentic to who and what you really are. With my help you really can change your future.

I provide an absolutely unique combination of teaching, editing, guidance, support, resources and inspiration, designed to help you find your voice and keep it.

Vocabulary, grammar, natural usage, flow, fluency, writing style, rhythm, coherence, confidence, structure and impact - all can be improved by working with me.

I function ONLINE, using WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype, Facebook, Email, Phone and GoogleDrive to facilitate my clients' progress.

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"By far the best tutor I've ever had. 100% on top of any level English language courses. Recently he helped me with two of my summer job applications (US and China) and both were successful. Yes, 2 out of 2 successes! Doesn't matter how hopeless or worried you feel, I am sure he will make your dreams come true as he did for me. I am really grateful to you Jamie and thank you very much for everything!"

Jahid A.



Are you in need of some help to polish your writing style? Are you in need of some assistance with those aspects of writing you don't find so easy? Do you need my encouragement, inspiration, guidance and support to produce your best work? Are you looking to have your written work professionally edited or proofread?


I work with individuals from all walks of life who wish to develop their creative writing skills, find their voice and take more control over the path of their own lives through the confidence, achievement, magic and direction that comes from expressing ourselves creatively. My work as a creative writing coach is extremely rewarding for me, with the developmental relationship between student and teacher being 2-way in all contexts.

I believe in the vitality of the written word, the necessity and beauty of storytelling, and in the transformative power of art.

I take great pleasure in helping people improve their ability to express themselves in English, and in editing clients' work. I can help you with your vocabulary, grammar, fluency, writing style, rhythm, coherence, confidence, structure and impact.

A common mode of working with me would involve using your work as a starting point and then any issues that I identify as the basis for a class. I often give creative writing assignments to professionals to supplement their industry specific writing work, and both stretch them and build up their confidence and sense of achievement.


Just GET IN TOUCH and let's see how we can work together.

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Are you a business owner or professional whose first language is not English? Do you need vocation-specific help with your language skills? Do you need to transform your online presence and evolve your writing? I give focused sessions to business owners and professionals from many different industries and sectors who wish to improve their career prospects, develop their businesses and make quick and lasting progress with their language skills. 

Online profiles, social media posts, personal branding, blogging, article writing - I am extremely experienced and effective in enabling individuals to transform their output. 

CVs, interview techniques, covering letters, industry specific writing, presentations and all other language skills particular to any vocational field can be improved.

I also function as a career and self-development coach and help individuals make significant changes to their professional career path, develop job skills, improve confidence levels, and find work which they can truly enjoy. Identify what you really enjoy doing, access and build a career that fits who and what you really are. Remove the deep and very personal barriers to changing your life situation. 

Working with Jamie allowed me to completely transform my online presence. He helped me to focus my social media posts and cut out the 'waffle' that had been holding me back. Now I am aware of the need to simplify my output and I'm seeing the results in an increase in customer engagement with my posts and blogs and so on. His mixture of online coaching and editing was really rather unique, and I found that working online and using GoogleDrive was a very effective way of accomplishing a lot in a short space of time. Thanks Jamie.

John Edwards

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I teach English in a communicative, dynamic, person-centred, creative style and can help you with your vocabulary, grammar, fluency, rhythm, natural usage, coherence, reading, speaking, writing, and listening. I am available to help develop your conversational English skills by talking about interesting topics by phone or online using WhatsApp, Zoom etc.

I teach in ways that are designed to keep you motivated and focused and are personalized for each individual. I don't use coursebooks and I'm very enthusiastic about New Educational Technologies and the New Learning Environment. I like to use content that my students feel passionate about.


I have taught TEFL both internationally and in the UK for many years, making sure my students make excellent progress and have fun at the same time.

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