Eternity Training - Key Skills Development - Creativity



“Every activity of the human being is to be considered a failure unless he (or she) enquires about the nature of the Absolute”

(Bhagavad Gita)


I’m quite sure that the world doesn’t need yet another post, uploaded onto some virtual platform or other, peddling the benefits of creativity to the building of a better life.

We all take this journey to some degree, don’t we?

Perhaps having explored the experiences and achievements of certain creative men and women, and then, somewhere in that process, discovering the seed of genius that belongs to us all and the practices required to grow it.

Discovering how it feels to finally do it yourself, however scrappy your initial efforts are. How it is to become the writer of untold stories, the painter of unseen places, the player of unheard pieces, the builder of imagined worlds.

Coming to know the feel of wet clay in your hands, the responsible power you are asked to embody as you begin to sculpt it. The growing realisation that everything is there, that everything was always there, as a vehicle for transformation, as a vehicle for your transformation. You just have to use it.

Act on it. Work with it.

What you feel when you look at what you’ve made for the first time. Complete. When you hear it. Finished. Polished. Ready to work its magic on others.

The process.

What is it?

I don’t know yet.

Just keep going…

I can’t believe it! It’s all gone wrong.

Just mash it up and start over…

How can I ever make anything as perfect as that again?

Just try. Just start. Just trust…

Prioritising making time for creative flow while acknowledging that many geniuses left their best work to the last minute.

Discovering the beauty of structuring, of layering so well that the depth is dug into the foundations before the building has even begun.

Understanding that many truths can exist at the same time, that many truths do exist at the same time. Accepting that many points of perception will make what they will of your pieces.

Knowing that those very same points of perception will be revised, even just a little, by coming into contact with the power of those pieces.

Allowing that. Muddy footprints on the previously pristine.

Building that into their formulation.

Your work finished when it‘s finished.

The work’s real work just begun.




By committing ourselves to creative practice, we develop discipline as we ensure that our creative thinking doesn’t remain only at the level of thinking.

Our output provides inspiration to go further along our way.

We learn patterns of innovative behaviour and inventive practice and let these patterns rewire us from within.

We begin to plan our own development, adapting it with our new found flexibility when required. We become able to assess our own level of skills acquisition and review our ongoing learning goals. We are learner, teacher, apprentice, master, all rolled into one.

Self-talk becomes more encouraging as we understand the impact of our mindset and our internal dialogue on our work. The critical voice fades away. We choose perfectly imperfect in every way.

Originality of thought, fluency with ideas, integration of new perspectives, openness to new experiences, recombination of components.

The artwork of the scientist, the science of poetry, the structure of freedom, the imagination of solutions.

New and transformative ideas come into our own lives and the lives of others.

Techniques are learned, mastered, taught. Building blocks combined in original ways producing penetrating insight.

I suppose here is where the Be All You Are way begins to divulge from the norm. Here is where that aspect of myself primarily concerned with transformative education kicks in.

Much of my work through this Be All You Are platform concerns the development of a divinity-in-training curriculum that nobody realises that they need just yet. Rather a thankless task at this time but a cherished one nonetheless.

Conscientiously and without any validation or encouragement required from the external, I go about employing my unique filter in the creation of these reference materials that individuals who will be experiencing the early stages of the divinitization of humanity can draw from.

Indeed, my creative work, my poetry, the book that I’m writing, even the music I make, has this desire to create manuals for ascension, to provide information, participant observations about gradual transformation to light body at its core.

This program is otherwise known as New Earth Eternity Training. You can find an overview of this modular curriculum here:

Responses to what I’m bringing into the world generally go something along the lines of:

“Life is wonderful isn’t it, especially when you consider the alternatives! Why do you call it eternity training?”

I try not to roll my eyes. A self-realised being, a grounded mystic, is more often than not considered quite mad by the collective. It has always been that way.

Nothing new here.

Go into infinite compassion again.

Better there.

Even when interacting with those who consider themselves very awake in spiritual terms, there is this gap, this chasm that exists.

It is almost as though the brain kind of short circuits at the very suggestion.

This gap, this fire break, seems to stop people from moving into awareness that they are divinity-in-training.

A building block of nirvana finding its way home.

A divine being preparing to take its place so that one day they can have their own ‘school’ orbiting around them. Holding responsibility for the sculpting of beings requires the most thorough training.

Self-realisation and god-realisation are interchangeable terms for a reason.


For the record, I don't actually think that a life lived without “making enquiries about the nature of the Absolute” is necessarily a "failure" at all. For even those walking relatively unconsciously can make a great deal of progress in the evolution of their being. And I feel that this requirement, as set out in the Bhagavad Gita, can alternatively be read as the opportunity to engage in key skill development during our lives so that we can move towards stepping into being Absolute.

Isn’t it better if we just get that out in the open straight away?

These reasons for being.

We can focus better on understanding curriculum aims and criteria. As we open up to our eternal essence, all those re-occurring issues of this lifetime, of all our lifetimes, recede.

As above, so below.

Time to grow.

Instead of focusing on building a better life, we can focus on building a better being.

The life of juicy service, the better life, can come from that. Better that way.

We can understand the importance of working on each component of the self, of moving towards degrees of completion and eventual graduation. Accept that in any curriculum we are always approaching the starting line.