The Emergence of the Light Body Part 2 - Things Are Different Here




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On becoming HUman. A work in progress...

This is the voice of that aspect of myself primarily concerned with education and the provision of accessible and reliable materials.

Below is the second of several articles in this ongoing project.

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Extracts, adaptations of, and clarity from the work of Ascension Architects: Polaris AB, Sandra Walter, New Divine Humanity, and anonymous others.

Although principally my own work, at times extracts are included in their pristine state, and at other times these extracts have been adapted. There may be some repetition but this repetition is mostly intentional so as to serve process. "The Emergence of the Light Body" is light-encoded to assist you in your development of knowing.

Conversations with Quantum Disentanglement Technician: Catiya "Kitty" Darling

Direct Line to Divine Self


Participant Observations of:

New Earth Eternity Training


New Divine Humanity Lightbody Transformation Pilot Program


"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time" (T.S.Elliott)




(i) Things Are Different Here

(ii) What Is The Light Body?

Humans don't react very well to being told that they are not yet HUman.

They don't react very well at all.

They will call it fantasy

But, of course, it was real...


Imagine sitting in a little wooden cabin, as pure bliss enters your being from above, the liquid golden source light pouring in through the crown, down into the heart, and onwards, flooding each and every cell. This is felt as some kind of plasma, working tirelessly to restore your own pristine, eternal state of being.

The others present in the cabin are sitting a little away from you, chatting about onions. They feel connected, they feel that they are connected to each other through their conversation, through the details they are agreeing upon, the details which give them a shared sense of identity. They feel superior because of this perspective they have, this perspective they share on what connection is. They understand this as a form of unity consciousness, a requirement of community. Indeed they are very pleased with themselves, that they are showing what they believe to be unity. They feel very very pleased with themselves, perhaps some of them even feel validated.

They cannot conceive that there is only one being in this cabin actually experiencing unity consciousness - the consciousness of divine union within. That in this particular moment, this is manifesting as pure bliss entering every cell in the form of liquid light.

As your light shines brighter and brighter, it becomes increasingly difficult not to show it on the outside. One of them, someone you considered an important connection on your path, has their ego triggered by your light. This is unmistakable to you. You feel it click. She turns to you, and says “I don’t like you sitting there disconnected like that, can you go somewhere else or join in our discussion”. Time stands still.

She turns back to the group. You keep your counsel, you don't react. You have learned this. No explanation of what was really happening in that cabin would be heard. The egos have been rattled by the presence of this pure source light radiating outward. No explanation of what was going on would be understood. No explanation of what was really going on would even be entertained. You simply have to wait a few moments, then quietly, diplomatically, remove yourself from the cabin. Your non-attachment training has served you well. Or at least sufficiently well.

You are beginning to understand how challenging this is going to be. But you simply must carry on along the way that you know to be true. You must carry on alone, but of course not alone at all.

You have the bliss, available whenever you want it. You have the ecstasy of every breath. You need no comfort, no validation, other than that.

You have your conversations and interactions with your own divine self - the best conversations and interactions you ever had, the best downloads you ever received.

Would you feel lonely - existing this way?

You have your self-realization but the others, indeed the world, may well call this madness.

They will want you to talk about onions, one of the strongest foods for the mind that there is.

Imagine being invited to watch a horror movie, a movie that will mean that you must focus on, well, horror, the horrible, for a few hours at least. You know that this will mean that you will have to experience that feeling in your own life before too long. You have learned this during your apprenticeship, through your own direct lived experience, but still you find it difficult to refuse. You try to say no but they - those who are offering this feeling - they consider it to be rather rude, this attempted refusal, this half-arsed attempt to excuse yourself from the horrible. They get quite pissed off actually. A bit of an over-reaction but hey ho. So, you go along, you go along and feel the horrible for a few hours, you feel horrible for a few hours.

Then a few days later, you do indeed have an experience where you feel that in your life. Of course you do. This is the light body. Things are different here.

What you focus on becomes your reality.

So you learn, and no, there won’t be a next time.

Oh. You want to hear about my horrible experience?

The one that was triggered by that film.

Thanks but no thanks.

I choose a higher vibration. I actually have to choose a higher vibration.

It's not even a question of choice anymore.

I must tend to my own frequency with great care.

Things are different here.

I chose to hold my own. Regardless of what is occurring in the external.

I choose to go on.

There is no going back.

Imagine being invited to go and get drunk on a beach. Being invited to go and get fully drunk on a beach with someone you feel deeply connected to, someone who is aware of the journey you are on, someone who says they want that journey for themselves.

Of course, you could go and sit there and drink water, while those around you guzzle gin, and vodka, and wine, and beer. You could do that, of course you could. But the whole purpose of this gathering is to get drunk, to get fully drunk.

You have your own history with substances.

You understand that different substances work in different ways with different people.

You can be the life and soul of the party when you want to be. You have a history of that too. It was fun. Other things too. But, yes, it could be fun.

You have no judgement about what others choose to do. No judgement whatsoever.

You happen to think that many kinds of drug (including alcohol) have played quite an important wake-up role in the world. Gates opening. Doorways. Point of Perception. That sort of thing. And of course the lows, stretching the bandwidth of consciousness. Up and down. High and low. Stretching.

You understand that "it's not a problem until it's a problem".

But it's not about that. It's not about what's right and wrong.

It's about the fact that things are different here. The light body just doesn't need these things.

Toxicity is just that. Toxic.

You are heading into purity.

How many times will you allow yourself to be dragged into this kind of context before you say never again.

If that means permanently disassociating from that individual, from this kind of context, then so be it.

Or perhaps you are being trained to be able to hold your own in contexts where toxic stuff is accepted and even encouraged. Only you can really know.

Disconnections are as important as connections on the ascension path.

Some of these disconnections may indeed be from beings you have traveled through many lifetimes together with, but there just comes a point where it is clear the connection must be cut.

We learn to prioritize disentangling ourselves from lower, denser realities. Let them take their own journey to self-generated love, to bliss, to the ecstasy of each moment, each breath.

Our responsibility is to the integration of the light body. To the future of humanity.

We simply continue to shine the light. We don’t abandon our lighthouse to tend to those who are struggling on the rocks below. We are lighthouse keepers. We have even built our lighthouse with our own hands, with our own life lived, with our own lives lived.

Things are different here

We are lighthouse keepers

We shine the light

This is a sacred period of radical evolution for humanity. Driven by personal, societal, and environmental crises, and triggering a leap so profound, it has to be experienced to be truly understood. Waves upon waves of individuals are going through their own awakening experience, one by one. The teachings of the past, of so many different traditions are pointing them in the direction of the journey within.

What was once alternative is becoming more and more mainstream. It seems that for each of these traditions, now more than ever being made available to the collective, the teachings of the light body were reserved for the highest initiates, aimed at forming the foundations of god-like abilities. But what is occurring now on our planet, since 2012, is beyond this.

There are many on our planet at this time who are undertaking the journey of gradual transformation to light body, with a purpose of anchoring in this experience so that the transformation to light body for the collective will be received in a relatively constructive and effective way. The purpose of anchoring is of great importance. To avoid bewilderment, panic or despair in the collective.

This process involves nothing less than the complete rewriting of consciousness.

This is open and available to everyone.

Accessible to all.

From all walks of life.


The term 'light body' comes loaded with projections and is used to convey a multitude of concepts. A bit like searching through YouTube to find the techniques and principles behind this big picture concept - what you find may well confuse you and may well not be appropriate to your current level of awareness, the point of perception at which you currently reside. Put simply, the light body is our vehicle to graduate from the human condition, from the Earth's training program, our vehicle, for most of us - the missing link - for each individual being to become a pure conduit for source, to return to source.

If one of the goal's of each soul is presented as to merge with god, then the activation of our light body, and its growth and gradual integration into the physical body and being - its embodiment - is what gets us there.

Those choosing embodiment of this state of consciousness at this time, have additional purposes of integrating the photonic bombardment that is taking place, that is intensifying day by day, night by night. Those energies are coming through seeking pure vessels, progressively more crystalline structures, that can emanate this light automatically, that can emanate more and more of this divine light frequency.

And so the goals for the wayshowers include the expansion of consciousness to transform the realms that are becoming accessible, to amplify the ascension frequency, to amplify and assist in constructing the new earth realms on behalf of all.

As we receive and integrate these source light and zero point energies, which automatically override and overwrite all distortions, we are freed from duality, from entanglement, from judgement, from attachment, from limitation. As we go deep into the process, as we feel the transformation in our physical being, and apply it to ourselves first and foremost, we feel our consciousness, our perspectives, and our energies change.

It is delicious.

It is often uncomfortable, and often blissful, in equal measure, depending on our ability to stay with the program and evolve.

This is something running on automatic. This is something very exacting, very challenging, something very personal to each of us, and something that requires our complete attention, the upgrading of our practices, of our concepts, of our approach to what evolution is capable of.

Sovereign heart-based choices, based on core truths and highest desires become the norm, the new normal.

Changes occur in one's personal life, in one's life stream, in one's social group, that assist us to become stronger conduits of this light, but it is the physical transformation which is most palpable to us, while at the same time remaining invisible to others. We become progressively less swayed by the Creature Human Aspect, the Human Animal aspect, and more and more resonant with the Divine Human Aspect, as we train the body vehicle to operate in a wholly different way.

Make no mistake about it, this is the emergence of the I Am Presence, the Christed State, Crystalline Consciousness, Unity Consciousness, the Christ Frequency - all are the same. This is occurring in a substantial number of individuals now incarnated on this planet.

Those individuals are paving the way for others to follow.

There is no judgement here of who is using their life force in a 'proper' way. We have been taken right out of this through the development of our state of divine neutrality. We have had to attune ourselves to this, and we have discovered how a state of divine neutrality assists us with our alchemy, as we shift from one form to another, from one state of consciousness to another.

As we have become accustomed to, and as occurs with other aspects of light body integration, divine neutrality affects our physicality, and our energy fields in tremendously palpable ways.

The inclusive state of intense divine love does not judge at all. The Divine Human emits a completely different vibration. If we do find ourselves judging, we find ourselves losing our power, so we have had it drummed into us, through carefully delivered lessons in our daily lives, not to slip back into the Creature Human Self.

And, yes, sometimes this training has been harsh.

Transformation to light body during ascension follows a chronology that will be further explored in later articles in this Light Body Reference Materials Development Project.

This chronology includes the 3 main stages of awakening, kundalini awakening, and enlightenment (light body embodiment).

While a full blown kundalini awakening is a sudden explosion of a deliciously different energy, the process of light body embodiment/enlightenment involves the kundalini transformation segueing into light body integration. To jump from the Creature Human physical form straight into light body integration is not possible - this would fry the physical vessel as the necessary upgrades would not be in place. <