The Emergence of the Light Body Part 3 - Issues with Terminology, Assumption, and Projection




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On becoming HUman. A work in progress...

This is the voice of that aspect of myself primarily concerned with education and the provision of accessible and reliable materials.

Below is the third of several articles in this ongoing project.

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Extracts, adaptations of, and clarity from the work of Ascension Architects: Polaris AB, Sandra Walter, New Divine Humanity, and anonymous others.

Although principally my own work, at times extracts are included in their pristine state, and at other times these extracts have been adapted. There may be some repetition but this repetition is mostly intentional so as to serve process. "The Emergence of the Light Body" is light-encoded to assist you in your development of knowing.

Conversations with Quantum Disentanglement Technician: Catiya "Kitty" Darling

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"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time" (T.S.Elliott)




(i) What Are The Issues With Terminology, Assumption, Projection And The Receipt Of Teachings?

(ii) What Is The History Of This?

Humans don't react very well to being told that they are not yet HUman.

They don't react very well at all.

As your light shines brighter and brighter

It will illuminate more and more of the dust you have been carrying with you

There is no stopping this

It's time to release what no longer serves you


"A great chasm has opened up, but don't worry, the very best bridges have been built, are being built, and will be built, so that you can cross over when the time is right…"

I have most certainly found it disheartening at times to realize how warped many of the teachings, writings, terminologies, and concepts gifted to humanity during the last 10 years or so, have become. It is happening quickly. It is also to be expected. This has always happened in religions, in traditions, in the presentation of the new.

A great chasm has opened up and many out there are trying to understand what is being presented to them in ways that fit their current point of perception, their own personal agendas and frameworks, their particular political alignment, their hopes and their fears.

This is particularly so in what may be called alternative cultures, the development of new tribes, new groupings, the action of coming together with the desire to experience some kind of shared identity. I often hear people talk about ascension in rather political terms, with an underlying assumption of us and them. When I come across this, which is frequently, I often find myself thinking to myself, "every army that ever marched thought god was on their side".

I quite often find myself being rather aggressively challenged when presenting a 'higher' perspective in conversation, in an exchange, as if I was attempting to trigger intellectual debate. This has occurred to the point that I have very little desire to engage in these exchanges, now preferring to focus on the written word as my method of expression. People have to find out for themselves, people will have to level up their point of perception in their own time, and these opportunities to level up, to move towards graduation, are being presented to individuals from all walks of life, regardless of what uniform they are choosing to wear, what politics their physical self identified with, how much money they have in their bank account, how radical they believe themselves to be, or how 'spiritual' they present themselves to others.

People have to discover that it is OK that they are, in a sense, just approaching the starting line, wherever they are in their process. After all, this is how education systems work. As we begin a new level of learning, we take forward what we have learned previously, we integrate the knowledge and skills we have previously been taught, at least as much as we can, and we bring that with us to the starting line of the next level, the next school year, the next context, the next module in the curriculum that is being laid out in front of us.

For example, I remember feeling like I was at some sort of pinnacle in my own journey when I underwent my kundalini awakening. These days I understand that I was just approaching the starting line. And in time, I will no doubt look back on writing this light body reference materials project, and realize that many things have once again changed, moved forward. And that's OK. It is going to be challenging to release certain aspects of carefully constructed identity for many on this path. The key to making the journey as smooth as possible is the progressive upgrading of ideas of destination. Here, the teachings of Polaris AB provide clarity:

You will be taking part in your own co-created scenarios, to give you the very circumstances necessary for you to INTEGRATE. Many of these experiences will have come from soul contracts with those who have agreed, through love at the very highest levels, to take part in these created scenarios, these perfect storms. What once triggered an emotion followed by a physical response in you, need no longer provide the same effect, as you learn to recognize and neutralize your reaction to the events that occur to you, through you, for you and around you. You will continue to attract to you all the events required for you to recognize who and what you really are, before your higher divine self is satisfied that integration has taken place. This is not punishment, this is self-realization. The beginnings of mastery, the ability to accept, adapt to, and transform all circumstances and events, the skill to react in loving response, empathy and compassion for all those still walking their soul paths of divine understanding and conscious development. Once the lower emotions and vibrations have been absorbed and no longer provide a reactive resonance, you can start to return to the higher vibrations you originally came from. The divine higher self is the part of you that creates the world in which you will live, rather than subjecting you to the forces that you allow to pass through you. Ascension is returning to where you started, with the prize of having graduated from from Third Dimensional reality, before you travel on towards other experiences too. A self-realized sovereign divine being of light. Your reason to BE is your only purpose - everything else is experience.

So, in terms of the terminology that is circulating, as you will most probably know, the human energy field is made up of several layers: the etheric body, mental body, astral body, emotional body, and so on. Personally, I don't actually really need to know a tremendous amount about these layers - I can feel that once the light body has been activated, grown and integrated, these elements all become something approaching aspects of the light body. Embodiment will move one's being through all contained densities in order to permanently release them, so that the higher functions of the light body can come online.

I am certainly not the best at describing these technical details, but there are certain other elements that are crucial to light body integration. There is a lot of attention on the merkaba (an Egyptian term translated as Mer (light) Ka (soul) Ba (body)), known as the chariot of the soul, which it is said must be activated during the ascension process, and gradually builds. Personally I have not engaged in any light body activation sessions delivered by external practitioners. But I have observed that the terminology being used is confused and confusing. I cannot tell you exactly what is happening during such sessions, or where this perspective on what a light body is resides if it is not being felt as permanently integral to the physical being. This has all just happened as part of my own process, rather than me having to do anything in addition, such as human-led activations, healing, workshops, or sessions of any kind. If you are interested in this in particular, I advise you to look elsewhere. I am not an expert and there are many out there who are. What I can say is that if you focus on your own path, listen to your inner wisdom, and understand the momentous destination you are headed for, you are unlikely to need much in the way of external sessions, activations etc, to take this path. But that is not to say that you won't find such external assistance a very powerful tool. Indeed it may well form a very important part of your own transformation. T

To illustrate this, I remember an individual being asked what was the most important learning she had integrated from taking ayahuasca. She replied that she had been shown that she actually didn't really need to take ayahuasca at all. That is not to devalue the potency of such a healing plant, it is only to illustrate non-duality in action. I thought what she expressed in answering was profound. What a gift!

When I talk about the light body with others, they often approach the concept as if this is one of their subtle bodies, as if they already have this integrated in their being. Now I am not saying yes or no to this. We have always been multidimensional beings, we have always been beings of light, we have always been light that knows itself as eternal light. So it must be true that our merkabas and our light bodies are in existence, somewhere, at least on certain levels. Indeed, I think it is safe to assume that individuals are having experiences which are giving them a glimpse of what the permanent integration of their light body will be like.

So, to be clear, although it seems that work performed on your merkaba, your light body, will have an effect on your being - what, as ascension guides, ascension architects, we are talking about when we use the term 'light body' is the integration of this profoundly different energy system into our physicality while in human form. It is felt. It is constantly switched on. It represents what could be called the birthing of a new species.

I have similar difficulties with projection when approaching the subject of kundalini. I actually don't particularly like this word as it seems a bit too general, a bit too exotic, rather than describing the very personal birthing of the true self that I have come to know. People quite often respond to hearing me use this word by saying something like, "oh, yes, I know all about kundalini yoga". To this I reply that I had never done any yoga before the awakening and this practice, 'rightly' or 'wrongly', had only become important to me, after the awakening had happened. Once again, non-dualistically, that is not to say that kundalini yoga practice cannot be important, even instrumental, in the process of another being.

Sometimes, an individual may respond to my use of this word by telling me that they have had a kundalini awakening of some kind. I've been told several times that this occurred, with the use of the word itself perceived of as sufficient to communicate what happened. Often what they are describing took place for a period of time, and then went away again. Well, the kundalini process never just goes away again, and as is being described in this article, in our post-2012 world, it actually segues into light body embodiment. So what are they describing? It is clear that there are different ways to experience kundalini energy, that there must be partial awakenings and all manner of individual experiences, all valuable, all of which have an impact on an individual being, and a multitude of occurrences that I do not personally need to fully understand. So what I am trying to say here is that there is an inherent problem with the use of this kind of terminology.

For instance, one might be recounting one's experience of nirvana. As soon as the word 'nirvana' is used, someone else in the exchange will say something like, "Oh, I just watched this video where she said that she'd had the experience of nirvana too…" Now we have entered the realm of projection and assumption. The connections the audience are making between concepts, experiences, terminologies, and what has been felt during these 2 separate occurrences, may or may not be accurate.

Do be careful here, put your academic skills into action, one must see beyond words that come loaded with assumed meaning. With so many perspectives, and so much information out there, it is easy to fall into the traps of projection and assumption.

From my perspective, kundalini comes when the time is right, when the being is ready. Most likely the individual has had at least a GLIMPSE or a series of GLIMPSES of what was coming. Any attempt to wake it up prematurely is, in my opinion, unnecessary and quite possibly a bit silly. Light body activation, growth, integration and embodiment comes organically, in a manner that is very particular to each individual, and in a way that is managed by one's own higher self.

Take care. We all know practitioners attempting to take responsibility for the development of others, trying to be a guru, while themselves not yet able to fully embody their craft - perhaps punctuating their days with the inhalation of tobacco - a strong densification habit if ever there was one. Groups of activists angrily discussing the presence of palm oil in a particular product while busily constructing their next roll-ups. The intentional community reveling in their successes while continuing to practice blame and shame, the scapegoating of members perceived to be not using their life force in a 'proper' way. The healer who clearly has talent but is unable to respect the confidentiality that is critically important in the doctor-patient dynamic.

Take care. Move away from judgement. As much as possible. Allow them to walk their own path without interference.

The time of gurus is over. All of us will be shown individually what needs to change, where we need to grow.

All of us will be given our maps, our compass.

It's not going to comfortable, this journey, and that is a necessary part of the design.

One must also take care when reading articles presented by ascension guides and architects. Most often their words will be applicable to individuals at different stages of the ascension process, there are many common aspects, and these articles will be of great benefit to all who read them. But one must also use one's discernment to establish who the intended audience is for a particular piece. Do you understand their terminology, exactly what they mean when they use a particular word? Many are now catering only to those at particular stages of their ascension process, many are using social media less and less, and choosing to communicate directly through their dedicated websites. Of course, the reverse of this is also true.

Remember, things are different here. It can be difficult for an individual who has exited duality to engage with those who haven't. It is understandable that a guide may wish to make some distinctions with regard to their targeted audience, with their client group, at any given moment. There is a great chasm opening up, and it can be problematic for one who has crossed over to spend too much time and focus back on the side of the bridge that they worked so so hard to crossover from.

Take care that you understand that no shortcuts can be taken along this road, no chapters can be skipped, no stone left unturned.

Use your discernment, question your assumptions, identify when you may be projecting.

When you seek for knowledge and wisdom, it will find you.

When you open up to the words you need to read, they will come.

Are you ready to receive the wisdom that best fits the coordinates of where you are on your road?

Do you understand that things are different here?

That everything you previously believed you were may not be true at all?

Often I am asked if I have been guided to take some action, to go to some particular place perhaps. Increasingly this is quite challenging to respond to. Being multidimensional often involves quite direct instruction, liaising with star family or with the divine council of overseers can be a very powerful experience, with the message or messages given in such a way that one is left in no doubt whatsoever about what do do. One may be using additional senses, one maybe integrating into the 3D an action one has already taken, a decision one has already made, in the 4D.

With the expansion of consciousness and the refinement of frequency, comes interaction with other dimensional beings. This liaison becomes an entirely accepted part of our decision making process, our ability to feel our way forward, our capacity to move beyond stumbling blocks on our road, and often meets a need for validation or clarification at a particular moment.

During a recent visit to one of the lightships of what I call 'star family' in January 2021, I was directly informed that what I have been tasked with bringing into the world, and what I have myself chosen to bring into the world, cannot be perceived as political. This was one major reason for the liaison, the other reasons need no exploration here in this article. The exact words spoken were, "we cannot be seen to be political". This made immediate sense to me, it resonated with what I would previously have interpreted as guidance, with my own choices in the past, and with movements and people I had previously moved away from, with states of being that I had increasingly moved towards. I was both relieved and energized to hear it directly communicated. This knowledge brings with it certain challenges, as often I find myself in contexts where ascension is being interpreted in rather political ways - there is a lot of 'us' and 'them' going on - in this politicized take of what freedom involves.

They talk of freedom cells, and much of what I hear is positive, I quite like it, but the negative is also very much there in so much as it is inherently reactionary, already polluted in the action's foundations, in the us and them distinctions, the assumption that I would share in their beliefs in all the conspiracy theories, the anti-this and the anti-that, the judgement of who is making "proper" use of their life force energy. There is a feeling that many are almost looking forward to the collapse of the machine, are even taking pleasure in that, rather than focusing on their own inner work, and their own expression. Of course, it is all understandable, even admirable in some ways, but I have received my instructions, so I move away from that which is inherently politicized.

I don't have the heart to tell them that ascension brings freedom from fear of death, freedom from fear of abandonment, from fear of lack, from fear of embodying one's own divinity. Liberation is a tremendous journey, and one that requires each and every one of us to remain focused on their own work - and allow the impact to come from that.

This is the mindset of the artist

We go beyond belief to knowing

We see beyond what is being presented to us

We take care to act rather than react