The Emergence of the Light Body Part 4 - Star Family - Extraterrestrial Interactions




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On becoming HUman. A work in progress...

This is the voice of that aspect of myself primarily concerned with education and the provision of accessible and reliable materials.

Below is the fourth of several articles in this ongoing project.

Subsequent installments will be uploaded to this "Latest Articles" section of the website, before being brought together on a dedicated "Light Body Reference Materials" page.


Extracts, adaptations of, and clarity from the work of Ascension Architects: Polaris AB, Sandra Walter, New Divine Humanity, and anonymous others.

Although principally my own work, at times extracts are included in their pristine state, and at other times these extracts have been adapted. There may be some repetition but this repetition is mostly intentional so as to serve process. "The Emergence of the Light Body" is light-encoded to assist you in your development of knowing.

Conversations with Quantum Disentanglement Technician: Catiya "Kitty" Darling

Direct Line to Divine Self


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New Earth Eternity Training


New Divine Humanity Light Body Transformation Pilot Program


"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time" (T.S.Elliott)




(i) What About Extra-Terrestrial Interactions?

(ii) What Does The Future Hold?

Humans don't react very well to being told that they are not yet HUman.

They don't react very well at all.

"Say something..."


So, how are extra-terrestrials involved in all this? I can't give anything approaching a definitive answer to that, but I can say a few things, relate a few of my experiences, try to explain how interacting with "extra-terrestrials" has become normal for me.

That which is present within higher frequencies of existence is becoming more accessible to those who have sufficiently raised their own vibrational harmonic, to those that have sufficiently expanded their awareness to a level enabling them to interact with what many people term: "higher dimensional beings".

Yes, there are those of us already existing within these higher vibrationary planes of existence. Actually, there cannot really be such a thing as interaction with a "higher dimensional being". This is because there is no separation between transmitter and receiver. You exist in a range of frequencies of your current choosing. With a frequency match, and with all remaining noise removed, all the pollution discarded, one's natural state is to be in interaction with those whom I myself term "star family".

More recently I have had interactions with, and received instruction from, the divine council of overseers, and this interaction was noticeably different, palpably more intense, surprisingly concise. These liaisons have become a completely natural and expected part of my life.

This is not an advanced technique that I am employing. It is a natural state. This multidimensional liaison takes many different forms, happens in many different ways, and has many different functions, causes and effects.

When we understand the grand play of ascension occurring simultaneously across several interconnected systems, and the fact that those 'more' evolved help those 'less' evolved, that this is a universal law, it can be of no surprise whatsoever to be in contact with other dimensional beings.

...This is a time of SEEDING...

I understand that at some point in the past there was a process of HYBRIDIZATION of humans by various 'off world' species. Whether or not this was a good idea is another question entirely. It doesn't matter. It happened. This hybrid humanity was kept for some time in the relative isolation of what is now known as the Canary Islands. There may have been other locations, other instances, other processes, but as the Canaries are part of my operational zone, I have access to this information, and I don't need to know more. I have written before about how speculation is not my thing. I don't require a full understanding of the history of this process, just enough understanding, just enough knowing to light my own way forward, just enough to inform my creative work. Before my kundalini awakening I was not focused on extra-terrestrials, although I did find the subject intriguing, of course. I suppose I simply thought that it was obvious that there would be many other lifeforms in existence, but I did not spend much time thinking about this, and far less time thinking about states of consciousness and how this might lead to interactions. So what changed?