The Emergence of the Light Body Part 4 - Star Family - Extraterrestrial Interactions




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On becoming HUman. A work in progress...

This is the voice of that aspect of myself primarily concerned with education and the provision of accessible and reliable materials.

Below is the fourth of several articles in this ongoing project.

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Extracts, adaptations of, and clarity from the work of Ascension Architects: Polaris AB, Sandra Walter, New Divine Humanity, and anonymous others.

Although principally my own work, at times extracts are included in their pristine state, and at other times these extracts have been adapted. There may be some repetition but this repetition is mostly intentional so as to serve process. "The Emergence of the Light Body" is light-encoded to assist you in your development of knowing.

Conversations with Quantum Disentanglement Technician: Catiya "Kitty" Darling

Direct Line to Divine Self


Participant Observations of:

New Earth Eternity Training


New Divine Humanity Light Body Transformation Pilot Program


"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time" (T.S.Elliott)




(i) What About Extra-Terrestrial Interactions?

(ii) What Does The Future Hold?

Humans don't react very well to being told that they are not yet HUman.

They don't react very well at all.

"Say something..."


So, how are extra-terrestrials involved in all this? I can't give anything approaching a definitive answer to that, but I can say a few things, relate a few of my experiences, try to explain how interacting with "extra-terrestrials" has become normal for me.

That which is present within higher frequencies of existence is becoming more accessible to those who have sufficiently raised their own vibrational harmonic, to those that have sufficiently expanded their awareness to a level enabling them to interact with what many people term: "higher dimensional beings".

Yes, there are those of us already existing within these higher vibrationary planes of existence. Actually, there cannot really be such a thing as interaction with a "higher dimensional being". This is because there is no separation between transmitter and receiver. You exist in a range of frequencies of your current choosing. With a frequency match, and with all remaining noise removed, all the pollution discarded, one's natural state is to be in interaction with those whom I myself term "star family".

More recently I have had interactions with, and received instruction from, the divine council of overseers, and this interaction was noticeably different, palpably more intense, surprisingly concise. These liaisons have become a completely natural and expected part of my life.

This is not an advanced technique that I am employing. It is a natural state. This multidimensional liaison takes many different forms, happens in many different ways, and has many different functions, causes and effects.

When we understand the grand play of ascension occurring simultaneously across several interconnected systems, and the fact that those 'more' evolved help those 'less' evolved, that this is a universal law, it can be of no surprise whatsoever to be in contact with other dimensional beings.

...This is a time of SEEDING...

I understand that at some point in the past there was a process of HYBRIDIZATION of humans by various 'off world' species. Whether or not this was a good idea is another question entirely. It doesn't matter. It happened. This hybrid humanity was kept for some time in the relative isolation of what is now known as the Canary Islands. There may have been other locations, other instances, other processes, but as the Canaries are part of my operational zone, I have access to this information, and I don't need to know more. I have written before about how speculation is not my thing. I don't require a full understanding of the history of this process, just enough understanding, just enough knowing to light my own way forward, just enough to inform my creative work. Before my kundalini awakening I was not focused on extra-terrestrials, although I did find the subject intriguing, of course. I suppose I simply thought that it was obvious that there would be many other lifeforms in existence, but I did not spend much time thinking about this, and far less time thinking about states of consciousness and how this might lead to interactions. So what changed?

The first inkling that I was working with others came while meditating early on in the kundalini process. At the time it was far preferable for me to explore the gifts of transformation, and feel into the delicious effects of the clearing and upgrading energy, rather than spend much time exploring the 3D world. I had become able to access higher and higher states of consciousness, and there I was, up high, peaceful and content, above any concerns, any doubts, any fears, in the absolute stillness. Suddenly an image appeared in front of me. It was an image I recognized immediately from my time living in the south of Japan. It was a representation of Ganesh, created with fluorescent paint, that was used as a kind of icon for young Yakuza rave parties in the Miyazaki area of the island of Kyushu. It was really just a battered old piece of polystyrene and didn't look all that great in daylight, but at night it was a superb beacon, and functioned as a rallying point for the party tribe. My involvement in electronic music had been a key to my own ascension journey, and this image had a significance that made it the perfect choice for this initial contact. All that happened was the appearance of the image and the words, clearly spoken by another being:

"What are you doing up here? Down there. Where we found you. Down there. Where they need you."

I immediately knew I was being spoken to by a being of higher consciousness. This was also exactly what I had needed to hear at that time, and not too much to freak me out or put me off. Even though since those early years, my ascending point of perception has enabled a fuller understanding of who and what I really am, a fuller knowing of what my connection is with these beings, this was a manageable start.

Just enough. Just right.

The first physical contact came quite some time later. I had travelled to Jaén in the south of Spain, just north of Andalucía, and was living in an apartment in the city owned by the parents of one of my students. It was a gift much needed, as I required time to relax and recuperate, and prepare for my adventure into the national park of 'Las Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas', identified by a Japanese team of researchers as home to the best quality water on our planet! I was making good progress, raising my vibration in a physical sense, with a very good diet, both building physical fitness and building my spiritual muscle, moving beyond doubt, committing to the path. The contact was again brief, bite-sized, digestible. Once again, while meditating, lying in bed, suddenly my consciousness transformed and I was in the presence of an enormous, rather fat and bloated, to my eyes extremely ugly but still serene being who was holding an enormous steering wheel in his hands. I had enough time to know that he was somehow driving my process - assisting in the driving of my process. I don't need to know how or why, it was just very encouraging to have that contact at that time. It passed quickly but had a very reassuring effect on me.

I had a copilot, I was supported in my missions, I had help, I had a team.

I remember very well the appearance of "Catface". This interaction took place in a way that reminded me of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol". The interaction was simple, understandable, direct, and once again very effective. I named this being Catface because he presented to me with the face of a cat. And the interaction was simplicity itself. He became a much loved member of star family because of the significance of what he showed me. So what was it? What understanding was gifted?

He simply took me back to Tockington Manor, the boarding school I had been sent to by my parents, shortly after my eighth birthday. Together we watched as various individuals I had known and spent time with during those childhood days, including a version of myself, engaged in a variety of destructive behaviours while inhabiting the dormitories that were our context back then. I was shown the direct causal relationship between destructive behaviours - I particularly remember the sniffing of poppers making an appearance - and the fact that we had been 'abandoned' in this strange world of the dormitories of an independent boarding school in the middle of nowhere. I was shown, in a beautiful way, the reasons behind the destructive behaviours of drug taking and so on that had characterized much of my twenties, that had acted as a brake on my creative expression. These problems had grown out of the coldness of that loveless world I had inhabited so long ago. It was powerful, compassionate, deeper than deep, and extremely effective in changing my behaviour and coming to terms with certain aspects of my past. It was a potent way of allowing me to radically change my perspective on the past, my present state of being, and my ability to access the most amazing futures.

I cannot list all the interactions that have taken place over this past decade. What I can communicate to you is that it is important to release any assumptions that one may have when imagining what these episodes of contact may feel like, may look like, may be like. I remember recovering from illness, making myself a green smoothie packed with goodness, lying down in the tent that was my temporary home, and experiencing a great flash of light engulfing me. There were two beings with me in the tent. One of them was just there with me, shining bright, while the other had some kind of equipment which he or she was using to work on my teeth. I have no idea what they were doing, but I just laughed and named them "The Cosmic Dentists". To this day, I really cannot for the life of me understand what was going on, but I don't need to, I didn't need to. And that's OK. What is fabulous is that, through these experiences, our trust in the ongoing contact and communication grows and grows.

I spent 6 months of my life based out of an industrial estate in central Bristol in the UK. I had to make the best of somewhat challenging circumstances, and I actually ended up, during the nights, sleeping under one of the workbenches I had constructed out of reclaimed wood, in a little studio space I rented for £100 a month, while I explored making techno music in this strange industrial world during the day. I think it was a kind of Detroit experience, designed just for me, with the rhythms of manufacturing driving the progress. But really I found it very difficult to stay on track existing in such an environment. I had very little privacy and my approach to creativity was still being influenced by my out-of-alignment past. I was not able to write. I was not able to stand in my own essence. There were too many others observing me in that odd little portacabin positioned high up in the unit. It was quite an experience but it needed to come to an end.

Once again there was a bright flash, the audible changing of frequency in my left ear, and the world began to recede. The last I could see of it was Matt, another permanent resident in our industrial wasteland, sat at the communal desk watching me, watching me with eyes of sparky compassion, but still embodying a point of limitation I was being guided to escape from. This episode was decidedly 'trippy', much more so than the others. There I was floating in a different realm, surrounded by cosmic beings who emanated some kind of rock and roll vision. Like they wanted to be stars. I didn't like it. I didn't like feeling it. I felt like I was being shown something that I was not, a path that I had been on at some point, a path that I was at that time kind of taking without really meaning to. Like my idea of destination had temporarily regressed in order to switchover to a path that more accurately suited my eternal essence.

I integrated this understanding into the experience, and everything changed. There I was in the most beautiful light, in a beautiful land of simple, rustic pleasure, away from all the others. I was perched on a chair, in a little wooden house on top of a hill, able to see into the distance all around me. "The book" they said, "beautifully written". I understood immediately. I knew.

Their words shone into the furthest recesses of me, and lit everything up - the light showing up all the dust that would have to be swept clean before embarking on the fulfillment of this mission in earnest.

Even though it took me longer than I wanted to fully accept and live this path, from that day onwards I began


Another time, soon after this, when I had extricated myself from the industrial unit and was in temporary residence just down the road in Central Bristol's Salvation Army hostel "Logos House", things could have looked a little bleak. But I didn't have this perspective. Not at all. I knew that all I really needed at this time was a door that I could shut on others, while I rebuilt myself, integrated what I had passed through, what had passed through me, and readied everything to leave the UK and begin living truly free. I had worked out that the best and quickest way to do this was to make myself "officially homeless", register with the council, and use certain cards that I have been gifted to play in such circumstances, in order to secure my own place, however basic it may have been.

Yes, there was a strange and humble foyer experience in this shittest of shit hotels, but I trusted in the process and within 3 months I was out of there, magically resourced with £4000 and given sheltered housing (a not-quite-as-shit shit hotel) so that I could process everything and ready myself for take off. But right at the beginning of my stay in this hostel, when I was existing purely on trust in the process, I did need help. I asked for help. And they came to help. It happened very quickly, no flashes of light, no dissolving of the world. They just entered the room behind me, pushed me down onto the bed, allowed my flush of fear to pass, and simply set about repositioning one of my vertebrae, resetting my ascension column so that I would be more able to reset my life circumstances, to allow and receive the reset of my life circumstances, and move forward. As suddenly as they came, they were gone. The operation was performed in silence and with all focus on fulfillment of function.


And once again I felt unstoppable, fully supported by my team, ready to receive the flow of abundance that would facilitate me to level up on my true path.

Just recently, I've had another instrumental experience with star family. I had taken a few months off writing during the summer earlier this year (2021), and to be honest I was struggling to get back into the flow. I parked up under a little tree on top of another little hill in some common land in central Portugal, with the aim of beginning a focused creative period. I was full of doubt, doubt in myself. I had become somewhat out of creative alignment with certain behaviours, certain looping behaviours, and I felt rather overwhelmed by the task at hand. In fact, it was the last time I would feel like that.

As I lay there in my tent, on top of the wooden platform I've constructed on the roof of my car, there came again that piercing noise in my left ear. The frequency of everything changed. 5 seconds it took before a craft descended from above, transitioning from one realm to another, and I could make out the concentric circles of its mechanics directly above me. No sound, not that I can remember. I felt several hands, several beings holding me from below and from the sides. They lifted me up and carried me across the land. I had no reaction of fear this time, none at all. I was absolutely still, full of the knowing that this was my team here to assist me take the next step. I was just enjoying being carried like this and I was intrigued about what was going to take place. They held me aloft as we crossed the land and soon we reached a being who I immediately recognized, no prior experience necessary, as one of the divine council of overseers.

The communication was as brief as brief can be.

All he said was:


I laughed. How simple it all was.

And back again I was, lying on my bed in my little hand crafted home, full of guidance, full of inspiration, full of focused intent and harmony of thought.

And so it begins…

These interactions take all manner of forms. There are all manner of routes in and routes out. Sometimes I have been extremely high vibe while these liaisons have occurred. At other times, I have been at death's door. Go figure!

Below is a short story I've written about my unexpected visit to Arcturia:

Death's Door

The worst of it was behind him. There were still a few days to go for this particular stay in intensive care, but those horrid moments fighting for breath, fighting for life, were past. At least for now. This was the first of two progressively worse experiences of pneumonia, staged a few years apart, red flag wake up calls on his ascension path. It could have been easier, certainly, this road he'd walked, but this was the way it went.

Somewhat surprisingly, these two painfully acute periods spent dancing with flat-lining finality would also function as release from fear of death. He did not know it at the time, but this was the higher perspective on what was happening, what was truly being served by his struggle to reach the light, to finally understand he was light that knew itself as eternal light.

He would untie the knots in his own consciousness, knots that had tied themselves tight through lifetimes of re-occurrence. Re-occurrence of the same issues that had overshadowed his progress through the eternity training program. Only liberty from limitation, sculpted, crafted, grafted through direct lived experience, would allow this total rewrite of the subconscious to take place. However grueling it may have been, however grueling it may be, it had a function, a function beyond his point of perception, and he was fine with that. This was the way it was.

Lying folded in the hospital bed, he could look back on those critical moments where a decision had needed to be made - give in and go on the ventilator or persevere through exhaustion with the new, tighter oxygen mask that had been sourced. He could look back now and allow the enormity of what had happened to sink in. He could look back without feeling that enormity crushing his lungs, standing with its feet pressed hard down on his chest. He had been crushed just enough to squeeze the dominance of conditioning from each and every cell. More than ever, he'd been expertly opened up to limitless possibility, not even a shred of mind control standing in the way - his being just drifting, untethered.

The comfort of possible futures began to massage him again, a steady rhythm provided by the bleeping machines, a stream of compassion provided by those in attendance in ITU. And with all his own systems switched off, it happened, the impossible, the switchover, the dissolution of reality and the gateway into another dimension, another realm, opening once more.

He turned to his right, felt the now customary piercing noise in his left ear, the switching of frequency, and the world dissolved in front of him, the pixels of reality reassembling to display some kind of reception chamber - an echoey room with large black and white square floor tiles inviting him to walk across them to whatever was beyond. He kept walking, enjoying the feeling of the cold slabs under his feet. He found himself, just for a moment, angrily thinking "Why now? Why the fuck is this happening right now? Haven't I been through enough?" but carried on regardless and made his way through the chamber.

Suddenly he was truly in another realm, in another system. Just where was this? It seemed like another planet. He had simply been laying in the hospital bed, turned to his right, walked across a reception room and landed on another planet. What could be easier than that?

He felt the sand under his feet, as he strode forward along the most beautiful beach he had ever seen. The wide expanse of dunes, the crystal clear water lapping on the shore. He felt free, he felt the organic majesty of his surroundings drawing him forward. Tremendous excitement, tremendous serenity, tremendous peace and a built-in sense of purpose, a sense of absolute knowing filling each and every cell.

There was a long way to walk to reach the cliffs of the headland in the distance, and just as this thought came through, a hover board came out of nowhere and attached itself to his feet - it actually just fused with his feet. He understood immediately: a higher state of consciousness enables the fusion of organic and non-organic material. There was no need to learn how to ride this thing, it just happened. He knew exactly how to do it, the training program was integrated in an instant, and he beg